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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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The final tick-ettttt... bah dah dah daaaaa
Josh 201604 KWP
Okay, Kellie unconfirmed the last ticket, so it's up for grabs. Erica's sister is contemplating, but she has a birthday party to go to, so she might now want to bail on that. Pooh, you wannit? We should know for sure whether she wants it or not by sometime tomorrow.

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o0o0o....dammit...i'll be in touch. =D

$20, si?

are they sold out, any chance to get a second one? =]

sold out, don't know, but if we're in section S, they might be. www.broncobowl.com has details.

The full actual cost if you buy a single ticket from them would be $20 + $6 + $3. From me, I like money, but if you're broke, we can work something out or gift it or whatever.

righty on....we'll jive about dis soon. =]

(aka I just don't want the ticket going to waste)

well i'm NOT going to Bad Company @ Trees because they are sold out and door tix are $20!

damn them....so what's the word, if any, good sir? =]

I posted a main post, but pulled it when I saw this... yes... ticket is all yours. my cellphone is 682-429-3040 and I SHOULD have it on me. If not, call erica's at 2382.

We figure meet at bronco bowl around 7:30 or 8:00 so we can pickup tickets. Other arrangements are OK, but since we have to see my grandfather tomorrow in Dallas, then drive back to Watauga to drop Max off with the babysitter, and then down to Bronco Bowl after that...

thanks josh, but i'm going to have to decline, got some things i need to take care of around the house. thank you for keeping me in mind thought, i appreciate it.

Myconaut makes me think of Mycon... Chenjesu, Arileoli, Umgah, Quasi Space, Ur`Quan...

I want Star Control with current video technology.

i've only heard of that game, vaguely remember seeing SC3 on the shelves, i was always a fan of FPS' and anything with a blizzard logo

OMG! Star Control!!! aaaaaaggh!. What memories... I spent days, no make that weeks and MONTHS in front of that game. I was glued to my computer. I still have Star Control I and II if you want it :)

I have I and II, maybe III... though I haven't gotten around to setting up sound drvers and dos 6.2.2 on the 486... :) I seem to remember it running OK on win2k though...

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