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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Windows vs Linux
Josh 201604 KWP
I'm actually considering trying linux for my desktop. I think about the things I really actually use:

Web browser that can handle CSS and proper formatting
Will check, but unfortunately, IE is the only thing I've used lately that truly works.
rtf/text editor should be no problem to get for Xwindows
Runs under wine so no prob
mp3/ogg player
xamp should be fine
Teleport Pro
No clue, but likely will run under wine - pretty simple app.
There are Linux analogs, but I just like this one.
Photoshop 6
I know it runs great under win4lin, and likely under wine.
They have Solaris versions, so maybe there will be a Linux version
If not, I could TRY to get used to GIMP.
I'm pretty sure there's a version of this for EVERYTHING.
postscript printer
Unix like osses love postscript, though making this work with WINE might be an issue.

The ones I'm really not sure about:
Palm Desktop
DivX player
I know winzip can mostbly be replaced, I dunno about the others.
I would really miss, as in huge problem, the right-click menu "expand here" and "compress here" extensions.
I know there are tools for cd-r and dvd-rw but I'm not familiar with the gui tools. I could concede to do stuff from command line, but I don't like having to manually build a file list, nor copy or move all of the files to a staging area, which it would need yet another staging area for the iso.
I know some stuff works in WineX (DirectX 8 Windows Emulation), but really, dual-boot would be required. Even win4lin would be too much of a perf hit. Luckily, some of the biggest fps games are commonly ported to Linux, and many of the RTS games don't need uber performance.

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(Deleted comment)
Duel boot? haha.

WineX looks good too... maybe 75% to 80% speed?

ACE is just an extention used in the warez community... it's fast like zip but all the features and compression of rar.

I'd want a kde extension to "zip this folder" or similar.

The main thing is that it would just take a long time to setup... though once done, I could boot from tom's linux floppy, and then burn compressed images of the partitions...

still, just alot of time to invest in setting up because "the way I want it" isn't automated, and win2k is alot closer... maybe 4-6 hours to set it up right.

(Deleted comment)
What're you doing this evening?

Also, You wanna ride with us tomorrow night?

(Deleted comment)
"just to drive by my place"???

Broncobowl is nowhere near your place; if that's what you mean, but yes, it is kind of opposite direction.

On the flip side, if you were coming over to our place afterwards, it would save you driving then.

Actually, ask revjim, they're all broken. It's just a matter of which parts are broken. That being said, Mozilla, or anything using the embedded gecko rendering engine should be fine. (Unless they've intentionally coded their page to be IE-only, in which case, they can bloody well sod off.)

More than you can shake a stick at...

Everbuddy (I'm using a current cvs release and have no issues, and Matt claims GAIM works well too, with additional plugins.

X11amp - 'nuff said.

Teleport Pro:
Again, more than you can shake a stick at, but if you insist, WINE would probably handle it.

Never really used it much... I started off with GIMP, and it's worked for me.

About the only thing you lose is the ability to search the PDF, since they only make that version for Win32.

CUPS - it works...

Palm Desktop:
As Matt said, JPilot works well, and Evolution supports Palm sync, and there are several others to boot.

Mplayer, and provided you're willing to pissoff Jack Valenti and the MPAA, you can link it with decss at compile time and play DVD's too.

There's RAR for *ix, ditto for Zip, but I don't recall ever seeing ACE. (Besides, nobody packages anything in ACE anymore...) In KDE, there are already KIOSlaves that support the right-click thing, but it's mostly for tar. =/

GUI tools galore... just pick one.

Keep a Windows(tm) partition handy... you're going to have to dual-boot if you insist on playing games. Get over it...

Re: oh, one last thing...

What about USB scanner, and USB Sony? (Sony is a disk like thing, but it's... hrm... different...)

Still, requires effort... :/ I started, got pissed, left it dead... Guess I should try again.

Re: oh, one last thing...

USB is a bit touchy... HID support is pretty solid. As for the other devices (scanners, cameras, etc) it's pretty much on a case by case basis. You'll have to either hope somebody's written a driver for it, or else be willing to switch to one that is supported at present.

It's getting better, but it's not done yet.

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