Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Windows vs Linux

I'm actually considering trying linux for my desktop. I think about the things I really actually use:

Web browser that can handle CSS and proper formatting
Will check, but unfortunately, IE is the only thing I've used lately that truly works.
rtf/text editor should be no problem to get for Xwindows
Runs under wine so no prob
mp3/ogg player
xamp should be fine
Teleport Pro
No clue, but likely will run under wine - pretty simple app.
There are Linux analogs, but I just like this one.
Photoshop 6
I know it runs great under win4lin, and likely under wine.
They have Solaris versions, so maybe there will be a Linux version
If not, I could TRY to get used to GIMP.
I'm pretty sure there's a version of this for EVERYTHING.
postscript printer
Unix like osses love postscript, though making this work with WINE might be an issue.

The ones I'm really not sure about:
Palm Desktop
DivX player
I know winzip can mostbly be replaced, I dunno about the others.
I would really miss, as in huge problem, the right-click menu "expand here" and "compress here" extensions.
I know there are tools for cd-r and dvd-rw but I'm not familiar with the gui tools. I could concede to do stuff from command line, but I don't like having to manually build a file list, nor copy or move all of the files to a staging area, which it would need yet another staging area for the iso.
I know some stuff works in WineX (DirectX 8 Windows Emulation), but really, dual-boot would be required. Even win4lin would be too much of a perf hit. Luckily, some of the biggest fps games are commonly ported to Linux, and many of the RTS games don't need uber performance.
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