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yAy fun. We left late and got there on time, amazingly enough. It took us about 35 minutes, which is unheard of.

Anyway, razormaid, caelonmax and I showed up, followed shortly by alienswede, crackmonkey, mw, belle_morte, nata5 and jendra. We all hung out and talked the wide range of topics from substance abuse to movies to DefCon to electrocution experiences. A good time was had by all it seems, and caelonmax played godzilla with the flowers. We got home about 10:20 and very much look forward to a repeat on Monday with the larger turnout. Sometimes, I just don't remember how simple it is to get out and socialize. Even with Max, it's really fun. :)

This weekend, we're trekking down to Austin alongside alienswede and annesta for Dave and Vanessa's wedding. Should be good good. Mike and the gang are watching Reservior Dogs at the Inwood tomorrow night... Other people will do other things.

I'm wired from the Venti Iced Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot of espresso (that's four shots, you know?).
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