Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Hard drives arrived! yAy!

Ok... I ordered an 80g for storage, 40g for main machine, and a 40g for my sister. The 40g drive was $7 more than the 20g drive. Cool. Even better is, it's a 46.1g, not a 40g, so this means it's ACTUALLY 42.9GB (46,100,000,000 bytes) which rocks ass to get free bigger stuff. The extra 26 billion bytes cost $7... That's over 3gigs per dollar. The whole cost of the drive with shipping was $1.255/gig. The 80g drive was $89, with free shipping, which totals $1.115/GB (GB=billion, not 1024^3).

not too shabby. Going to the 160g drive is still like $230, or $1.5125/gig.

Need to get cache from sister sometime. Though I also need to install the drive and make it breathe.
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