Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Dave and Vanessa Wedding report

We get there, running late, all's well, the whole thing is running late, so we feel at home. The ceremony was beautiful. It was somewhat in a stadium, terraced with limestone walls, ants galore, and pretty red sashes with lush greenery around the lake. Steve had his powered Mackeys and it was a good sound, but we couldn't hear what Dave and Vanessa said from the parchment scrolls.

There was an after party, which was basically a standard all-nighter. Basically in a big field on San Marcos, on someone's house-property in the middle of croplands. Texas Faggot was there from Finlang and played maybe 3 hours, plus another hour in the AM. Adrian, Dave Green, and others spun. I only visited the chill area a couple of times. Steve N. played some good stuff, and GFire played standard respectable stuff, but the chill area wasn't chill enough. The main area really took the focus.

There was a Mural/canvas that a bunch of us painted on for their wedding. Eiwe added some synthetic/cybernetic interface looking stuff on one area, and I did some organic edge stuff, along with the word "Goo" which looks more like "God" and it's over an angle coming out of swirls, so I was very amused.

We need to swap digicam pics with Annesta/Eiwe. They have the same camera, only 4.5mpixel vs 3.2mpixel.
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