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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Fire exits locked
Josh 201604 KWP
Both fire escapes in the building are locked such that they are unusable.

This bothers me greatly.

supposedly they release if the fire alarm is tripped

Well, supposedly, the emergency lighting was supposed to come on 3 years ago when the transformer blew up, and supposedly no more than one elevator is supposed to fail at any given time and supposedly the elevator call buttons are supposed to work all the time on our floor.

Besides those things which have happened, it's against Texas State Code, though I haven't checked to see if there's a fire code for Westlake which would override.

I've asked site ops for details, but gotten no response.

I may have to invoke TSC 417.008

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Local codes cannot override state codes unless state codes allow for it.


Unless this building is older than 1925 (it's not) or a grain elevator (it's not), in which case it would be exempt entirely, It can be exempted from state code due as per:

§ 791.004. Exemptions

(a) This chapter does not apply to the construction of a structure in a municipality that has in effect a nationally recognized model building code governing the construction if the building code requires at least one one-hour fire-resistive means of escape with a total width equal to or greater than the total exit width required under this chapter for a structure of three or more stories.

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