Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Dad update

Well, mom called and was worried. Dad is on Demerol, and he has hallucinations on demerol. I knew he'd had problems in the past with a narcotic, but I wasn't sure which one. Well, this is it. I thought he was just a bit loopy, (wanders off mentally, speaks gibber, etc) but she said he'd told her that he saw someone walking across the wall, etc. She also was worried because he sounded congested like his lungs were filling up.

So I let sissy lasher know, and then called the nurse's station.

Well, he didn't tell them he had any problems with demerol, but he was also at about a 10 on the pain scale when he went in. Either way, she's going to let his doctor know so they can look at getting him onto something less reactive. I brought up that stadol seemed to be particularly strong on him, but that he didn't hallucinate.

I figure, they can reduce dosage some, since narcotics don't really fix nerve pain anyway, they just dull the edge and relax you.

She said they would probably try morphine, since that's the other more common one for heavy pain.
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