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Medical logging

Basically, this guy has been in medicine for years and years. He saw huge problems in recordkeeping - basically, doctors handle so much that they can't really remember exactly how they solved specific symptomatic ailments. When they are stressed, the skip steps or even leave things out, so they come to the wrong conclusions. Because of the ego (or the school bills), some doctors won't reconsider diagnosis, even if treatment doesn't help.

So this guy decided that alot of this was because of improper recordkeeping. He started with a good procedure, that picked up fairly well in the 60s, but he knew it wouldn't do too well because it just took for fucking ever.

So he computerized it, and built up a database of things, and it worked really well.

So he put a neural net on the database, and you can put in symptoms, and it will give you ideas of what the problem might be, and what sorts of treatments have worked for other doctors.

Aparently, this works pretty well, and the DoD has licensed it for VA hospitals and such, with good results.

Unfortunately, this is an ego challenge to many doctors who blindly think that they alone are the only experts, and that the use of a computer program is near-blasphemy, and outright refuse to see the benefits.
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