November 10th, 2002

Josh 201604 KWP

Last night.

I was supposed to go to Arlington (Arkansas near Medlin b/t Cooper and Fielder) with annesta and alienswede and crackmonkey and I'm sure a slew of other people. I had an awesome time

However, I didn't go.

I really wanted to go out, but I slept.

It felt SOOOO good to sleep. I went to bed about 11:30 and woke up about 8:45.
Josh 201604 KWP

morning productivity and thoughts

This morning, I continued on my crusade to copy goodies for n3m3sis42 (I have left about 8 more ISOs and one DVD of smaller things that don't need installing).

I guess I need to fold dried clothes, dry washed clothes, and wash dirty clothes.

Something needs done with the computer room, Collapse )

Oh, sorry, browser, to keep you waiting. I was just designing cabinet/shelving arrangements in my head.

I think another reason to get a house in Bedford is because butidigress said that her 7-year-old (Amanda) is in a Spanish "Language Immersion" class. Collapse )
Maybe sivatonight could be a French Immersion teacher around here. :)
Josh 201604 KWP

Crosspost from a reply in firinel's journal.

I have alot of interest lately in Cognitive Science. Particularly, how physical and chemical structures relate to perceptual, developmental and other functional aspects.

At some point, I would like to create an artificial mind, even if it is more simple, but something similar in functionality to a human mind, and give it control of a body.

Yes yes, I have a child and another one constructing currently, but I'd like to do something more technical and have more experience with the actual build process. :)
Josh 201604 KWP

Amusing quote to me

As demonstrated inescapably by W.H. Bowart in this book, our Father who art in the American secret police has endowed hundreds of scientists at American universities to unravel methods for fracturing American minds. That this research in so many great halls of learning has exceeded a cost of untold secret millions of dollars (the only yardstick remaining by which we are willing to measure anything) indicates that this Grockian entertainment being produced by our secret police is a matter of ambitious policy rather than the happenstance of cloak-and-dagger adventure.

-Operation Mind Control
Josh 201604 KWP

Kernel disk tuning

Ok, so somewhere I though that the 2.4 kernel might be kind enough to use reasonable settings for disk performance. NnnNOOOOO! Of course not.

Controller perf shows 50-55MB/sec which is good for this box (I think it's UDMA/33).
My disk performances were roughly 3 and 5 MB/sec. DMA was off. Using my happy script below gained me a fill 3x performance for both disks.

Collapse )

I guess I should put that in rc.boot (minus -t, and plus -q)