March 13th, 2010


TX rewrites history

Some additions/changes seem OK, and some of the connotational word choice changes are probably not a bad thing.

However I'm not ok with discarding any concept of religious acceptance in the US, of the importance of hispanics in TX, and justifying the facist actions of McCarthy.

Further, removing Jefferson from the list of important revolutionaries and replacing him with St. Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and William Blackstone is disturbing.

Ultimately, I don't think non-historians should be involved in the decisions of what was or was not an important part of history. I see people and groups on both sides who are leaning more and more into a dystopian empire for my kids to live in. I'm really not OK with that.

I don't like groups deciding the fate of my kids education based on the willful ignorance of reality. It borders on fanaticism, and these sorts of changes border on facism.

I definitely don't have the charisma to be an influential politician, so at what point does it mean we form our own, separate school?
Josh 201604 KWP

I deleted my Mint account

Mint's auto categorization fails enough for me that if I don't spend a couple of hours per week, then none of the data is useful. It trends based off of "everyone else" and not off of how I categorize things.

Also, since transactions come out of order, I'll have to go back and recategorize for dates I've already processed.

Also, if I miss month-end, then my "trends" for the month are stuck wrong.

Also, it keeps failing to log in to some of my accounts, which is a pain.

Also, even for things I've manually set to recategorize, it's by their magic munge system. Later, when they change their magic, my categorization filters no longer apply. As such, simple things like my mortgage payment constantly require manual categorization.

I have enough transactions in a month that all of this takes tons of time.

Apparently, Mint works well for some people, but for me, it's just a time sink commitment with very little regular benefit.