July 23rd, 2021

Josh 201604 KWP

Anti-Wealth vs Anti-Corruption

These space races bring technology and cost reductions to everything we do in the world.  Consider we were struggling to maintain GPS (as in, we had outages in some places in the US and around the earth), but now it costs 10% to launch GPS satellites, and SpaceX has had 5 launches.

People complain about internet access all the time, but now you can pop up high speed internet anywhere on earth, meaning you can move out to the country and still be connected.  Monthly is about $100.

Branson and Bezos space launches are $250k per person. The extra seats were auctioned off, and raised $28m which was distributed to charities.  It didn't cost $28m for a launch, though there has definitely been a lot of research money spent.  Research money spent doesn't trickle down to the poor, but it does pay salaries, and pays for manufacturing, mining, etc.  This literally pulled extra money out of a lot of wealthy people and gave it to charities.

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