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Max and I played in the front yard... He liked the grass, and didn't like sitting outside of the shade of the tree. He wanted to touch the holly bushes, but he was very hesitant... He's touched them before, and is surprisingly gentle with plants... except grass... :)

Foundation company installed piers and french drain. Tomorrow they should be finishing the drain, cutting off excess post for the piers, covering up, and sealing masonry cracks. In 4 weeks (after we're gone), they're coming back to inject slurry (portland cement and lime) under the house. They wait 4-5 weeks so the soil can stabilize after having the house pulled up off of it. The slurry will fill the void, thereby giving support to the center of the slab, now that the moisture levels will level out some (from the french drain).

I took pictures, and Max watched with me. I'm lazy and haven't posted any.
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