Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

X-Beyond the Frontier

Ok, so back in the day, I had this game called Elite for the C64. It rocked... wireframe 3d space-flight tradwars kinda game. Then I got a PC in Jr High and played Modem Wars which was based on the same, had the Cobra Mk 2 ship, but it was just 2 people fighting over a modem. Elite 2: Frontier (I think) came out for PC. VGA graphics, fairly deceent design... a step up from "neuromancer" quality, but it had a similar feel.

So a few years back I got X-Beyond The Frontier because it just called to me. I go to dl patches, and aparently, there's more... there's X-Tension which is the next technological version, and X-Gold, which is a 16.95 EU bundle of both. Well, there's X2 (X Squared) in the works, which looks whoop-assed, and X-EOL, which is the game in a persistant universe.

*swoon* I mean, the black Nova Traders is reviving tradewars, but XBTF in an online forum would just completely kick ass.
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