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Bed around 11pm thursday night, and up about 7:30 friday morning.
Work 9a to 6p friday
Warcraft until 6am with Matt
Cleaned the kitchen and went to sleep at 7am
woke up at 11:45am from various phone calls until almot noon.
As I was about to go back to sleep, Matt came over and we played more Warcraft
about 6 or 7pm, Eiwe came over and we played Warcraft
about 10pm we began conversation in the livingroom, listening to music, and encoding CDs.
about 1:45 PM we leave the house
3pm we get to Eiwe's after Great Outdoors.
We converse with Eiwe and Annesta until 5pm
About 5:25 I am dropped off at home.

Notice the massive lack of sleep in there. My longest night sleep was 6 hours last week.

Just about time to go to sleep and maybe be caught up enough to function at work tomorrow, but I'm anxious to see what other sleep deprivation based hallucinations I will have.
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