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AIM was evil and wouldn't let me login for a while, so I just gave up. It's back now, so yippeee.

I just got to help one of the marketing managers because she's working up a proposal for a specific business case and needed technical detail to back it up. I feared that I wouldn't be able to help, but luckily, just my normal curiosity exploration results that I had cached in my brain were exactly what she needed.

I'm working until 7pm, and when I get home, Erica and Matt will have leftover Chick Fillet for me... MmmMMM! Tasty

At 7:30pm, my sister comes over and babysits for us. We go to see alienswede spin with Infected Mushroom and Init String. Unfortunately, Astrix didn't have work permits for the US and their booking fell through.

I worked out the issue with not having gotten my compensation checks for off-shift work. I was getting panicky, but I stumbled into a field I'd mis-set in my time-sheet. I didn't notice because only in exceptional cases do I even have to fill out a time sheet. My manager is also way cool. He is calm, cool, and very knowledgable, so I was quickly put at ease. Until I came to work for him, his look seemed kind of brooding, but I think it's a touch of shyness (he's a geek of sorts too).

I ordered business cards today. I still don't get to have my tivoli and IBM certified logos on them... which I think is silly, but who cares, right? They're really more for notecards where I don't have to write much contact info on them.

I was semi productive today.

I still need to process bills.

I had sugar, which made me groggy, so I've been trying to shake it off by drinking plenty of water. Time to go refill the jug and return some of the last jug's worth.
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