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e-mail sent to boss about our lab cooling

Temp up from 76 to 78 on back wall.
All the rest of the room is nice and cool.
The problem is air-flow, not cooling capacify.

The major heaters in the room are:
back of shark is maybe 10 degrees warmer
6h1 maybe 2 degrees
pdu maybe 3 degrees
stacks of F50s, maybe 5 degrees
backs of sp frames.10-15 degrees.

The hottest place is in the back corner by frame 1.
The floor fan was pulling floor air from the back corner (warmish) and blowing it in-front of the frames
The frames take in air from the front, so they were just re-heating the air.

I turned the fan so it blows cooler floor from in-front of the racks into the middle of the back corner
This is moving the trapped air and seems to help greatly behind the racks
I'll re-check in an hour or so and see how it affects that corner and the room as a whole.

Since most of the heat accumulates in the back corner
And heat rises, I may pop a ceiling tile in that corner.
This would provide a huge heat-sink for the room.

Since I didn't see any return-air vents in the room
I think a good amount of the cool air is being forced through the cable-holes in the raised floor.
Decreasing air-pressure by popping the ceiling tile would help this also.

Anyway, if it gets over 80 in there, I'll call security for assistance.

If I can orchestrate it being noticably cooler in there,
I'll let you know what the magic is so we can make sure it stays working.

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