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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
Dialup sucks
Spoke to ISP, and got a look at my frame relay bridge profile. It all looks good:
interface Serial0.74 multipoint  
 description "omnitech josh davis"  
 frame-relay map bridge 74 broadcast IETF  
 bridge-group 74
interface BVI74  
 description "omnitech josh davis"  
 ip address  

Non-accelerated gfx card under winxp sucks
I tested the matrox G400 on another system - it's officially dead, not just a switchbox unhappiness.

Going to

  • Mow at the house,
  • oil change,
  • A massage for each of us
  • and a trip to central marker

Only very minimal replying to others' journals

Likely going to alienswede's place this evening to kill clowns juggling turkeys, and then the damned atomic turkey baster.... I wonder if it'll fend off the flesh eating iguanas.

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central marker huh? Is that the giant sharpie over by coit and GW Parkway? I heard it rumored that they were going to switch from Sharpie because the odor is too strong from the very large felt-like tip. Some even say that they've sold out and will be switching to non-permanent ink on the tip and they might even be replacing the tip completely with an Expo white-board marker style tip.

I dunno. I think it's just all hype.

No no, the whole Expo Dry-Erase is just a rumor started when Billy was talking drunk at the Flying Saucer a week ago last Friday.

They've renegotiated the contract with Sharpie, and you'l notice there's a black SUV with the Sharpie logo on the tailgait driving around Coppell/Carrollton/Dallas. The front grille opens, and where the fan spindle would be, there's a large fine-point writing implement.

They've switched to a low-odour ink that doesn't dry through volatile chamical evaporation, rather by bonding to the starch in paper. As such, clean-up is easy with soap and water, and the markers last much longer.

Because of this, they did have to up the price quite a bit. $17 for a standard ultra-fine point marker; however, they guarantee 37 million feet of ink at 0.5mm.

Also, they've replaced the felt in the ink resovior with carbon nanotubes, thereby allowing them to use steel for the case and still maintain a lightweight implement. All-around, it's an excellent new product. The price may throw prople off some; however, in the end, cost-of-ownership is much less.

For an additional $12, you can get the homing-beacon add-on. Each pen has it's own unique serial number. If it's lost you call an 800 number, and they broadcast over Galaxy 4 satelite, and the pen responds with mil-spec GPS coordinates. Each locator call costs $5, but you get three for free, thereby easily justifying the $12 upcharge.

Plus, during the first 6 months, mobile Sharpie salesmen are offering free engraving of the pens. This is important because with the steel casing, many jeweler-grade engravers won't leave a substantial mark on the pen barrells.

All in all, it really is a good deal, and Central Marker is the local Sharpie Authorized Retailer for the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Call them today at BUY-A-FKG-PEN.

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