Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


Dialup sucks
Spoke to ISP, and got a look at my frame relay bridge profile. It all looks good:
interface Serial0.74 multipoint  
 description "omnitech josh davis"  
 frame-relay map bridge 74 broadcast IETF  
 bridge-group 74
interface BVI74  
 description "omnitech josh davis"  
 ip address  

Non-accelerated gfx card under winxp sucks
I tested the matrox G400 on another system - it's officially dead, not just a switchbox unhappiness.

Going to

  • Mow at the house,
  • oil change,
  • A massage for each of us
  • and a trip to central marker

Only very minimal replying to others' journals

Likely going to alienswede's place this evening to kill clowns juggling turkeys, and then the damned atomic turkey baster.... I wonder if it'll fend off the flesh eating iguanas.
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