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touchy topic - what is God to you?

What is the supreme power, being, entity, God, god, diety, etc to you? Please give a name, concept, powers, etc.

What is most important to you?

What about to your religion?

What is your religion?

Please rant an essay about your beliefs, values, etc.

I was brought up Methodist, a protestant Christian religion. I'm still a member of First United Methodist Church in Arlington, TX. I haven't gone in years.

To me, I was very turned off by religion during adolescence. I had questions about consistancy that weren't answered or were scoffed, not by the church per-se, but by people. Also, what really did it was one summer, a bunch of kids went to summer camp, and others had such a profound experience, I was kinda freaked out by the aparent brain-washed sense I got from them.

As for God, I am hesitant to use the name or term God, Allah, Jehova, or whatever. I think the universe has a sentience just as my neurons have a sentience. From that standpoint, everyone is a part of God, and doing good for yourself or others is good for everyone else.

Also from that, I think that when you die, you as a whole are gone. As parts, you echo throughout everything even vaguely touched by your life. You live on in people and their children. As such, "past lives" would be prominant portions of history that resonate in you. It's not a magic or ethral entity that comes and inhabits your body, rather, it's just the pieces that came together. Many people will have pieces from many of the same ancestors, and you don't have to have been a blood relative to carry that information.

I'm not sure about creation. Sounds an aweful lot like terraforming by aliens with advanced genetic engineering skills and us created to be servants. We're the meek.

Jesus existed, as is well documented. I think he might have been the essence of what people believed was God, and perhaps even somehow tied into the universe in ways that the average person is not. I do not think that people are damned to eternal suffering for not worshiping him or for believing that his purpose here was to suffer and be forgiven in our names.

I think celebrations are strewed nowadays. Celebrate life, friendship, and goodness. Presents are fun, but should not be tied to celebrations. Give or don't give based on how you feel at the moment, and don't be compelled to worship your friends.

Halloween is purely commercial. I can buy candy any time. The costumes mostly suck. No one in our society really worships the dead and their influence on the living anymore. Having fun with pumpkins is cool.

Christmas in the present, for the most part, is so incredibly detatched from it's purposes. It seems that people focus on gifts and fun and not on the birth of Christ, yet they claim to be Christian.

So many people don't focus on the important things. Even granting that everyone has their own priorities, and each branch of monotheism has it's own priorities, there are basics that are universal to all versions, and it bothers me most when those are overlooked. The basics of how to treat people I think are most important. Don't kill. Don't cheat. Help people in need when possible.

I have trouble with the name and term "God" because so many of the people I have encountered have tainted the meaning of "god" and "God". I don't subscribe to a particular religion, but my parents are Methodist and technically, I am a member. When people wouldn't answer my questions, or came back from church camp severely brainwashed, I was put off.

With all that in mind, I think that having a respect and appreciation for "God" regardless of the peculiarities of any particular belief system is important. So many people I've encountered believe that God is basically their petty servant, that all of their actions which are good are His doing, and that all that are bad are Satan's, and more or less that they are not responsible for their own behaviour.

So many people believe it's more important for them to be right, and use their religion to prove that they are right rather than as a guide for bettering themselves.

I think friends, family, and trying to become a better person are the most important things. I don't think family is tied along blood lines. It's much more complicated than that.

I know that I personally have a whole lot to do to become a better person, and I appreciate those who tolerate or *gasp* even appreciate me.

Finding harmonious and synchronous relationships in life benefit the collective, bring "glory to the name of God" or however people want to look at it.

Who's your neighbor? Whoever you choose. Doesn't mean the guy next door.
Treat everyone as if you know them and they know you. Find the good in everyone. If you can't tolerate someone, and they aren't willing to change, then go away rather than trying to beat the hell out of them.

blah blah blah

Please post your own info, and feel free to comment on mine.
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