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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Drug Corruption
Josh 201604 KWP

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 — The government warned pharmaceutical companies today that they must not offer any financial incentives to doctors, pharmacists or other health care professionals to prescribe or recommend particular drugs, or to switch patients from one medicine to another.

The government informed the industry that many practices commonly used in the marketing and sale of prescription drugs could run afoul of federal fraud and abuse laws.

Specifically, the government said that drug makers could not offer incentive payments or other "tangible benefits" to encourage or reward the prescribing or purchase of particular drugs by doctors, health plans or companies that manage drug benefits for employers and insurers.

The new standards, the first of their kind, were issued by Janet Rehnquist, inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services, as guidance to the pharmaceutical industry.

Whole text in kestrelderyn's post

Original Source, NY Times

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what happens to all the drup reps though
who go around with their rolly drug luggage?
glad i didnt give into mummy setting meu p with this kid
my parents know who does that job

even if they say though that its not legal
it will still go on ;p one way or another
i worked for lots of doctors
they have their drug room full of sample goodies and perks
dont see it changing

*nod* Me neither.
At the least, they should have to pay taxes on it because it's payment... :)

still, yah, drugs make money.
Legal vs illegal is really based on whether someone has a patent and exclusive profiteering rights to it or not.

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