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Erica's log...

(edited because I'm too dense to properly post URLs)
Erica's log is Forgive her the sin of not being the SAME as US! (foreboding facist army marches to blogger and kidnaps erica). But check it out and write back here.

She's overworked, sad, tired, misses her family and is generally feeling ooky. I've tried, but nothing I can do helps... usually it makes it worse. Identifying the problem shows there is a problem and she doesn't want to be a problem, so it makes her more sad.

What can I do? I feel like no matter what I do, it makes her more sad. I don't *think* it's me, but there's the insecure part that tells me it's all me. Yah yah, 2 insecure people stuck together = codependant matrix waiting to happen... SHOOSH and give me some help here.
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