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Pappa update

He has intracranial hemorrhaging in his right parietal lobe... Probably from acute hypertension; however, they don't know for sure. They don't think it's related to his general cloudiness, and I agree that it's more likely that everythin in his system is just really tired from near-death. The portion of his brain affected is more for sensory input for his left foot, so he says it feels like he has a shoe tied too tightly on his left foot; however, he can't feel his feet at all due to peripheral neuropathy.

For most of the day he was ok, though near the end of the day he got cloudy again, and started talking nonsense. I'd asked him earlier, and he just feels really tired, and not dopey. He knows he needs to sleep to catch up on things.

His dialysis catheter in his leg clotted over, so they're going to install a new one in a neck vessel (chest IV) which is where he usually has them for big stuff. (His extremeties' circulation is low anyway.)

His blood thinners have been discontinued, and he's receiving plasma to bring his clotting factors up to normal. They said 8 units would likely be required. Holy sheep shit, batman. I worry, because he used to throw clots in his extremeties, and has been on thinners for probably 15 years.

One of his doctors thinks that his kidney stuff MAY be because of a renal vein clot, but they can't tell for sure. He pees, but it's mostly water, pigment, and not so much filtering going on. They figure getting the brain-bleed to stop is top priority, and then handle clots later. It's a delicate balance.

He has no headache, and the other signs for intracranial pressure are also the signs he's exhibiting from renal failure, so it's iffy. The hemmorhage is small, so they're not 100% sure that it's not just a calcium deposit; however, it doesn't seem to be dense enough for calcium. Since it's so small, that's why no headache. This means it's probably 1.5cm or smaller.

He's vitamin K deficient, which is required for clotting, so it might have just been a tiny rupture from a cough panic durign intubation, that would have otherwise corrected itself quickly. I'm not overly concerned since it didn't grow over 10 hours, and I'm almost certain that tomorrow's CT scan will show it is stable.
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