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My neuroses.

I'm late today because I'm codependant and having relationship worries.

I'm late daily becuase it proves to me that I am unworthy of a good job and that I'm a piece of crap.

My difficulty in handling stress is a catalyst and another reason for all of the above and is partly caused by my own believe in my inabilities.

I tell people what to do because either they are wrong, or I am wrong. There are not any other possibilities. If I am wrong, I'm a piece of shit, so they must be wrong because I can't be a piece of shit all of the time.

these are my neuroses

Today they won't hide from me, and it will be a difficult day as I feel like shit all day.

I need to find a way to deal with this rather than just disbelieving it and going along.

I want to hide.

This has been a recording.
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