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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Tummy stuff...
Josh 201604 KWP
So I ate crappy crap last night. I had eaten a meal around noon, and then popcorn around 4pm. At 9:45pm, I was starving, so ate chips, candy, and hot pork rinds. So tasty, but I really needed real food, so on the way home about 11:45pm, I got a personal supreme pizza and some nachos from the KFCPIZZABELL. I went to bed sometime before midnight-thirty.

At 5-am I wake up and it feels like my back is dying. It's a burning pressure, and no amount of twisting helps. I even got several different pops, and I thought they might help. It was the sort of pain where I wanted to just scream and kick. A gram of tylenol had no effect.

About 7:30, I was trying to find where all it hurt, because this sort of pain came through to the front. A little above the kidneys, plus a little below the strnum, plus center of the spine. Wierd.

I tried ice-pack thinking it was my back, which was only minor assistance.

I poked under my sternum and holy whoohaaha. Seems that the spicy of the pork rinds, and the going to sleep too soon after eating them made them park in my transverse colon. That's the large intestine part that goes from right to left horizontally and in front of most everything else in the top part of your abdomen.

I massaged my belly a little bit which seemed to help enough that I went back to sleep about 8am.

Of course, the message of "yes, the painters can come any time after noon" was translated into 10am, and I woke up then. I'm really fucking tired.

It's now 7:16pm I'm stil a little sore in the back and the belly.


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No matter how bad your head hurts, do not under any circumstances attempt to remove it.

oh...but it's SO damn tempting...=X

is that part of the intestings like right to the side under your ribs?
a part on the left
always hurts when i'm sick ;)

hope you feel all better

i thought my appendix had ruptured once
but i was just gas
hahaaha.. people have gone to the hospital before because of that
and then find out its just gas
haah how embarassing ^___^

:) Yah, aparently appendicitis causes you to be sick, burning, and sweaty. If it ruptures, it's worse because the appendix is a nub of intestines where your small and large intestines meet... so the germs make for bad juju.

I am an appendix.



I went to the hosp this morning for it again... sucky suck. not only must I stay away from spicy foods, greasy foods too. Supposed to go get an ultrasound soon.

really?! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww/=>

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