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Josh-D. S. Davis

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That sucked...
Josh 201604 KWP
Just got home.
This one was way worse than last time.

Got to the ambulance and pain was down to around a 6 or 7 (from an 8 or 9). By the time I got settled into the ER, I was around a 5 or 6.

I got Malox with lidocaine. That was wierd - I don't like numb-throat, but it was supposed to numb everything else. That didn't help any and just made my stomach feel wierd.

I got an IV (re-sited because couldn't get the vein) and blood drawn (yet another site because the IV ended up against a valve). They were trying to get me to pee, but I'd peed recently. I still don't REALLY have to pee, so maybe I'm dehydrated too (I tend to not drink enough water).

Also in the IV, they gave me non-narcotic pain relivers - one was a smooth muscle relaxer and one was an anti-inflammatory. It didn't have any immediate effect either, but my pain had been slowly dropping. I'm about a 1-2 on the pain scale right now.

The ER doctor said it sounds like gallstones since it's happened at night both times, and it comes and goes. Even though I'm pretty young to have them, it's possible. Bloodwork didn't indicate the enzymes/breakdown byproducts of gallbladder problems; however, Dr. Duncan said I should follow up with a gall bladder ultrasound in the next couple of days.

Since they're not sure, it's simply acute abdominal pain and in case it's something other than gall bladder, he gave me a script for pepcid twice daily for 2 weeks to see if that prevents the next onset. I also got a script for vicodin 5 so if I can manage it at home, that's best.

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*rubs your virtual back* hope things get better, and they find out what's wrong.
I hear Gallstones are ungodly pain, if that was the case though, why brought on by spicy food. Just hypothesizing.
I had a kidney stone late August, bad pain, but around the back.

This was in front and back, but not on sides so much like a kidney stone would be.

Spicy foods can aggrivate gallbladder problems.

I didn't know that about the spicy food. Not cool. Did they give you an ultrasound at the ER? During some pre-op testing, they gave me an ultrasound to examine my gall bladder and found stones. Irrelevant since they removed it at the time of surgery anyway. But I hear they can do laparascopic that leaves small scar - and you're out in a day. If indeed that turns out to be the problemo.

Yah, no ultrasound there. They want me to follow up with PCP for checkup. Since I didn' thave the enzymes indicating gall-bladder infection, it wasn't urgent to remove it then, and they're not 100% sure, so... I did leave a message for my PCP. I'll get to meet her. *grin*

oh no. what a hassle! ugh!
yes try not eating things like tomato's, spices...
as if you had heartburn
and try to relax
drinks lots of water

holy crap!

All this right after you left! you should have spent the night here so we could have helped you. Must have sucked to drive in pain yourself :( :( poor joshy! Oh well. You still coming over tonite?

Well, it didn't really HURT when I left your place... it was like a sore spot in my back like it had been popped wrong.

Plus, Eiwe had to work today. :)

Ugh. I hope you feel better soon. I'm sorry that happened. I take it this was not the first time?

nope, one other time about a week ago, but not this bad. REALLY sucked. Still need to follow up with the doctor... but need to go to the pharmacy too.

I like your new userpic btw... :) *amused* It's like, "I'm innocent and sweet. Come see me in this play!" :)

I hope the doctors find what's wrong soon you they can fix it. That really sucks.

And thank you on the user pic!! :)


hope everything works out okay. sounds like a shitty night.

Yup... tummy STILL doesn't feel right. They gave me drugs though. We'll see what happens.

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