Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Goodie goodie fuckdrops.

I wake up after sleeping maybe 4 hours after a late night out.

The pain is coming back.

It's about a 3-5 varying.
I went ahead and took a pain pill.
I hope it kicks in soon because I fear.

Ok. First time this happened, I don't recall the whole day's foods, but I know I'd eaten around noon, and then popcorn around 4pm, and then candy and spicy pork skins and chips and dip around 10-11pm. The pain happened between 2 and 5am that same night.

Second time, I had unk food (forgot already, shit). Around 6pm I had fruit (plum and bananna) and chipotle for late dinner, around 9:45. It was 4 chicken tacos. Slightest amount of spicy, but not much. It was midnight to 5am for that one.

Day before yesterday I had spicey hotdog, which was greasy, and sausage biscuits, which were wheaty. No problems.

Yesterday I had: Cheerios and soy milk for breakfast around noon:30
Lunch of chicken thigh w/ skin (grease) and mixed veggies and green beans for lunch around 4pm.
Around 6:30pm I had some rice pilaf mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup (fatty?). I had a twix. Around 2am I had shrimp fried rice, 2 pieces of duck, some wonton noodles (all greasy).

Anyway, I need to head home because I remember I told Taurus I'd come in early so he could take an early lunch and play football. And I want to get home before this shit gets really painful. And I want to get home before vicodin kicks in so if I have to take a second one (I'm 275 pounds and often things take double recommended dosage for same effect) I won't be so far from home (loopyfactor).
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