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Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Last night

BTW... Last night kicked ass.

  • Left work, late of course.
  • Left the apt, late of course
  • I knocked on the patio door (railing was high enough to be crush the nuts, but I was able to maneuver properly... plus, I have 2 kids, right?)
  • Annesta and Eiwe were muy startled, and I was so proud. *grin*
  • Eiwe was playing O.R.B. Let's just say it's like Homeworld, but prettier, slower gameplay, and tougher.
  • subapooh showed up and got flash-photo to the face.
  • crackmonkey showed up and also got a flash-photo to the face.
  • Setup a file copy from Matt's laptop to the USB drive.
  • we took 5 person time-delay sofa pictures.
  • We left for "Erosphere: Draves Auction for Cooks Children's Hospital" at Soul II Soul, a block east of Belmont on I think Mockingbird.

    • Lots of crazy people there. A few other friends. Craziness ensued.
    • Various people, most somewhat to quite attractive, were auctioned off (4 hour dates) for charity. Some people were under-sold, some over-sold. Some were acting sexy, some were acting silly. Some people offered on-stage shows for higher prices. These included 2 guys kissing, 5 girls kissing, 2 girls rubbing breasts, hip-grindish dances, kisses, etc. I think the lowest price was $20 and the highest was $100. Altogether, draves gathered about $1200 for Cooks Children's, which kicks ass. Matt and I both would have bid, but we were cash poor at the time sooo.
    • Drinking ensued. Somewhere in there I owe Matt and Eiwe several drinks and a club admission price. Good drinks, crazy drinks, and one that I burnt my hand on because I couldn't put out the fire fast enough. Still, no hangover, so yAY!
    • Some amount of dancing ensued. Mostly I watched.
    • Eiwe and I were camera twinkies and took photos. Unfortunately, not enough photos of the auction - too crowded and this stupid pavillion tent blocked view from supertallman.
    • Chatted with Annesta, Matt, Eiwe, Pooh, Josh, Shawn, Melody, Mist.
    • Briefly introduced to URaveMuch and a few others I can't recall.
    • Bartendress was VERY attractive as were a variety of other people there.

  • At closing, we all migrated to New Big Wong Chinese Restaurant which is across from the Whole Foods Market. Pooh was right, we were wrong. It was walking distance. :)

    • Amusing name.
    • Cool that they were open late.
    • Very nice people.
    • Met Mark and Jared (or Jeremy, or Jacob. Damnit. Horrible with names.)
    • We all gabbed and ate tasty food.
    • VERY VERY tasty food.
    • Most of all, they put up with us all being loud and somewhat obnoxious, and still thanked us for coming.

  • Back to Eiwe's. Some chatting, everyone left, 'cept me.
  • I dozed off copying files.
  • Eiwe's mice decided to power off and undetect (until reboot)
  • Official bedtime was about 4:46 and I woke up about 8:46.

I'm very tired, and in theory, should be going to a free/cheap gtg in Arlington tonight as well. I dunno if I can make it, but maybe it'll be slow and I can nap.

UPDATE: I cursed myself. It's crazy busy! ACK!
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