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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
damn I'm tired. My eyes are doing that wobbly thing

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Need a pacifier? *ducks*

ma ma
ma ma
*sucks thumb*

I chew through them. :)
I think one of max's pacifiers was a spare for me that I never mutilated. :)

I have always refrained from using one until like 2 months ago because I was paranoid that I'd never be able to go without one again in the future once I tried one, regardless of where I was, and I'm sure as hell not going to a club with one of those stuck in my face.

But damn, passy rocks. :)

I want an adult-sized paci.... with circuit traces drawn on it, and a big breakaway cord so I can let it hang from my neck. :)

Imagine... the purpose of a pacifier is to allow the simulation of sucking on a nipple.

We are all infants deep inside. :)

I have a breakaway lanyard thingy that I attach mine to.

Mmmm... nipple. ;-p

Does your wife get into that sort of thing, too?

What, nipples or nipplesucking or pacifiers or partying or ?

I don't know that she ever really got into pacifiers. She's been sober since Oct 15, 2000 (night before, Austin party, WhEEeeeEEeE) because of babies and such. She stopped breastfeeding Max this year, and then got prego this year again, and has in general been cautious of even using caffeine.

The last few times she X'd, she didn't do well with it - it didn't have much effect in the traditional senses, but there were other wierd emotional dynamics going on, so that might have had an effect. As for Acid, it always works and is fun (minus the harshness feeling) but again, it's been a while and will be a while. She's also not comfy doing anything when there is a potential that motherly duties might be required, so I bet she'll hold off for a couple years past when Two Davis is born (ETA May 24).

Ah... yeah, babies are important. It's admirable that she is holding off. And I know that emotional stuff can definitely have a major effect on tha sort of thing, so that's probably part of it. Also being on antidepressants can, but in a different way.

Depends on the antidepressants too.
Hypertension with MAOIs
Not sure about SSRIs, probably prolong it, but the elevated levels would make it less noticable... mebbe a longer depressive swing after. No clue. I'm fabricating. I dunno about tricyclics either because I dunno how they work.

I wanted to see about getting on antidepressants, but I was very strongly talked to about that that it was cheating and such and such though it sure would be nice to flatten things out a bit.

SSRIs can inhibit the effects because your brain is already used to higher levels of serotonin than normal. I don't know about tricyclics, but I know that the dopaminergic antidepressants also dampen the effect, and I think they make you more susceptible to brain damage as well.

I have seen suggestions that SSRIs actually lessen the likelihood of brain damage and also of depression afterwards.

I am not a fan of antidepressants... I really think they should only be a short-term solution. There's empirical evidence showing that when rats with normal serotonin levels are placed in "hopeless" situations (which is one major cause of depression), their levels of serotonin were actually lowered afterwards for a significant amount of time. This would suggest that situational depression, or depression largely due to coping mechanisms (or lack thereof), etc, can actually cause serotoniin levels to drop.

So I don't put a lot of stock in the idea that lifelong use of antidepressants is often necessary because someone has a chemical imbalance. I'm sure some people do have congenital serotonin deficits, but given my experience working with depressed patients (when I worked in the mental hospital), I'd be inclined to believe they are the minority. And the problem is that in the cases where a serotonin imbalance is caused by something situational of cognitive, antidepressants only treat a symptom. In the long run, this can make things worse for some people, the ones who are depressed due to the ways they asses or react to situations, because the person isn't learning to change the attitudes or behaviors that are keeping him/her depressed.

Um. I let this get waaaayyy too long. I'm sorr

Well, mind = chemicals in brain, chemicals in brain = mind. Even neurological structures can be changed through thought, just as thought is changed by neurological changes.

Still, it requires effort, which sometimes is lacking.

Verbosity is appreciated and nothing to be sorry for. You had technical details which was doubly cool.

Yeah, I am nothing if not informed about the serotonergic system. :)

I took some biopsych classes as part of my degree, including "Drugs and Behavior." I've probably forgotten more about psychoactive drugs than a lot of people ever knew. And I have forgotten a lot...

Oddly enough, at the time I took the class, they basically didn't know anything about the chemical mechanism for LSD. The basic hypothesis for how/why it works was that it removes the sensory filters that normally function to keep you from focusing on "unimportant" or "less useful" sensory input. But they didn't really know what neurochemicals that effect corresponded to, other than it was probably a lot. He might have named one or two (I think, but I'm not sure, that he said it probably affected the dopaminergic system), but I can't remember.

Hrm... I had stuff to say, then did some research... LSD is structurally similar to seratonin (5- hydrosytryptamine). Still reading on what all that involves. It expands alot. There are 8 major seratonergic nuclei, and there is a strong interrelation with norepinephrine.

None of the effects of the Siever chart for seratonin/norepinephine under/overactivity seem to match LSD, which is more variable.

Of course, since it's not actually seratonin, it likely has trace effects on other receptors and it's effects on the nine different seratoreceptors would be different than for seratonin itself.

Hrm... no wonder tryptamines are psychadelic/somatic. tryptamine -> tryptophan -> tryptophan hydroxylase -> 5-htp -> 5-HT so tryptamines would be metabolized and packaged by the neurons as if it were seratonin, and it would be fired, but would have a different effect, which would likely bleed over to other synapses.

I'm rambling again.

and I'm off on the pathways a little.
5htp is hydroxytryptophan
5ht is hydroxytryptamine
so it would bypass a few steps and probably block some of the normal metabolisis, and so the precursor levels would not need to be replenished... blah blah blah.


Let me know what else you find.

Newest findings: LSD does stuff to your brain. *grin*

I'd like to see PET scans and such of someone tripping... Though something in me thinks that the foreboding of scanning and such would make for a test of the mental constitution of the tripper.

Damn it's cold in here.

Btw, I'm mailing your pakkazsh today I think. It's short by GTA Vice City for praystrashun 2 (testicle difficulties) and by Operation Flashpoint (somehow the ISO got zeroed). I guess BF 1942 will have to do... There's a patch for it which may or may not correct it's broken AI. I think I put the patch on the misc-goodies disc.

i'm more uncomfy talking about this than talking about drugs. (in public) :)

I still believe they don't know how LSD works. :) Altho it's been years, literally, since I researched it. Some of my more active reasons for being interested aren;t a factor at the moment.

Testicle difficulties?

Thanks for sending my package! (Huh, she said "package"). It's okay, my roommates (well, they'll be my roommates in January) have Vice City, so basically, I have it.

Heh, I'm actually really uncomy talking about drugs on here, at least in anything other than an impersonal sense. There is actually a person on my LJ friends list who thought I didn't do drugs at all until like 3 days ago, just because of my lack of ever talking about them. She's been on my Friends list since like April and we've exchanged a good number of comments and such. Heh.

Why uncomfy about discussing games in public?

I agree ont he LSD portion. I think it would require massive computer simulations, many brain scans, etc.

I'd love to be part of the trials, if they'd give me films/datasets for the brain scans. I want pictures or my brain, in softcopy. :)

testicle difficulties: "Thank you for calling testical support, this is Jaques Stapp, may I help you?"

Because software/movie/recording industries have as much money to throw at piracy as pharmaceuticle companies have to throw at drugs they didn't patent. :)

Ah... gotcha. Oddly enough, I am dumb and have no issues about blatantly discussing software piracy on the Internet. I don't do it often, but it really hadn't crossed my mind that it would be a bad idea.

Somewhere in there, it all mixed up and I imagined someone mixing warez with dmso and smearing it on their arms.

Wow, can you feel the frigates? I am SO one with the tesla coil...

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