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Josh-D. S. Davis

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foods and the pain...
Josh 201604 KWP
Ok, so I don't think it's "spicy" because I routinely have hot-wings at work. Granted, they're not THAT spicy, but yesterday, my spicy intake was about three very small dips into very mild hotsauce. The time before it was no spicey at all.

Now, I haven't teste/ruled out to the point of even knowing for sure if this is intermittant/random; however, I don't think it was anything with the Chipotle either. It was too early for it. Trust me. :)

So, thinking back...

For a long time I've been relatively milkless - We've had soy and rice milk handy, and it just tastes better for my uses, which are cereal, coffee, etc. I've had home here and there, but it's pretty rare. I don't even have much cheese in general...

So, night before last, about 1am I had a big bowl of cheerios. I used regular milk, about 2-3 cups worth. Then my next meal was around noon yesterday, which was a cheese chile relleno, rice, beans, tea, chips, salsa. Then around 7pm yesterday I had a pack of peanut M&M's. Around 9:30 I had a Chipotle burrito with shredded pork, rice, black beans, cheese, guacamole, corn salsa, flour tortilla, and iced tea.

I've eaten corn plenty of times, and guacamole, and beans, and rice, and despite the recommendations of EB, I've had plenty of flour too.

But - night of the porkrinds, I had sour cream dip with them (yes, I'm sick in the head). I can't recall the time before or the time after, which sucks.

But anyway, I'm thinking that once a certain quantity of milk, or maybe milk plus something else...

Since I know hydrocodone blocks it, and it only takes a couple of days to reset, I think I'll test again in a few days. No milk for 2-3 days, then I'll eat a bunch of cheese or something on Friday and see if that triggers it.

Note, that 2 of the 4 times I have been gassy before, or after, but not both before and after. Maybe related, maybe not. It doesn't FEEL like gas pain, which is usually lower and moves around, which this doesn't. It's always the same spot... either transverse colon, or duodenum, or pancreas, or gall bladder.

Cheese has alot of fat. The milk I drink usually does not - 1/2 percent. Gall bladder is related to fat as it stores liver byproducts from chemical/fat processing. Pancreas is related because it's close enough to the gall bladder that if you have inflammation of the gallbladder, it often spreads to the pancreas.

Whee. More than ANYONE wanted to know... but hell, anyone who read this far knew that anyway, and it's their own fault for mental anguish.

hrm, can you sue people for being gross? :)

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oh that makes SO much sense!

i have to limit my dairy intake
basically dairy is bad overall if you cant digest it
lactade supplements dont help all the time, but lactaid milk is great!
but if your body isnt able to digest milk, it causes gas and pain sooo bad
and also it shows in your skin like in acne or even puffiness.
its strange, i just limit my intake to once a day or once every few days
ever since i was little, if i eat something rich like cheesecake or lots of ice cream
it can be just like 5 minutes and i feel like i'm rotting on the inside out!
;p my dad is badly allergic to milk. be careful!

Well, I've always been OK with dairy, I've just been having less of it lately. Could also be the fat, especially if it's a gall-bladder thing.

Mmmm... Cheesecake.... *moan*

Hey, that'll be my test on Friday... I should eat cheesecake. :)

Hmmm. This is interesting. I haven't noticed any problems with my milk/dairy intake.

I stay away from things like tomatos, of course (ouchie), and chocolate (which I've never consumed much of anyway) and things that are way too greasy.

My best friend, who has Crohn's disease, says that her sickness with foods is about 50% random. There are certain foods that she just cannot eat because they make her just horribly sick, but then there are other foods that sometimes make her sick and sometimes don't.

My aunt has the same gastro issues and says that she stays away from sodas and keeps the head of her bed propped up. She eats spicey stuff all the time and says it doesn't kill her.

This stuff is so annoying and confusing, isn't it?

Yes. I want a simple manual... or sensor. "these things will get you."

it's not even like stomach pain... it starts out feeling like back pain... it's wierd. The first time I was convinced it was a wierd pinched nerve and spent an hour trying to pop the right spot.

Mmmmm. . .manual-rific.

Yeah, so I was at work today and tried to look up book on gastro stuff. . .but NOTHING. Sucks.

I'm glad you mentioned the back problems, because I have that, too. See, I had a back injury when I was 15 (was putting luggage in the storage area in the underside of a big Charter bus and the door wasn't secured above me and fell on my back. . .HURT BACK. . .my doctor is a retard and says I'm fine, but ever since it happened, my left arm *occasionally* acts weird and gets tingly) and sometimes I can't tell the difference between the injury pain and the gastro back pain.

But you're right. . .it'll start hurting and I'll twist every which way trying to pop it. To me, that's worse than the stomach pain because it is so annoying.

Stupid stomach/esophagus/whatever.

Seems like we are too-fragile of beings. I'll get to work on engineering a better design.

Yah, Erica likely has MS and she'll get tinglies, burning, stabbing, whatever... depends on which nerves are shorting out at the time... It's aggivated by food allergies. She avoids certain foods (wheat, dairy, saturated fats, beef, refined sugar) and she's mostly OK. If she drinks a big soda, she's in pain for a day or two.

(Deleted comment)

Re: When are you....

I'm scheduled for next Tuesday morning.

I went this previous Tuesday, but I called to tell them I thought I was going to be late (on time, rather than early - new patient thing).

They cancelled and rescheduled my apt, but I still got there early.

I filled out paperwork after waiting for them to give it to me. Fill-out took 8 minutes, but they were soo busy, that they were running behind for everything.

They had already rescheduled me, so I didn't get to see the doctur.

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