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Stuff for the day.

Just for the record, neighbors suck.

This morning, I got home late, about 2:30. Everyone was gone by 3:30. Karl was a little loud, in closing, so I hope he didn't wake up my neighbors. The master bedroom window is some 30% of the outside balcony wall. Poor design.

So anyway, about 7:45, someone is fishing in the parking lot. Don't ask me. Anyway, they set off a car alarm, and it just went on for a while. So I went back to sleep. Woke up to noisy kids a couple of times.

Erica and Matt called me around 10. I showered and Matt came by to get his headphones and we gabbed for a bit about work and computers and development and threadsafe code.

I cleaned a little, did more laundry, pulled out clothes that need to go to good-will/donation box/whatever when I go to FW on Tuesday, and sorted out the same for some towels.

5 mins late to work.

I want to get the dishwasher unloaded and re-loaded, and finish up laundry (one more load, and then the eternal drying process). I should bag up the goods for donation so Max doesn't make a mess with them when they get home Monday night.

I'm excited for Erica and Max to be home.
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