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Updates on med stuff

So... Wednesday night/Thursday morning sucked.

Started out feeling the same as the other "gall attacks". I took a hydrocodone, but in a matter of 30 minutes, it was the most excruciating pain. I was flailing, and looking back on it, it was almost comical how much of a ruckus I was causing. After an hour, I took another hydrocodone. After another hour, we went to the hospital.

They gave me IV fluids (they put in a litre, and I didn't pee out that much).
I threw up three times, which included food from FIVE HOURS EARLIER. Just in case you didn't catch that, food typically is gone from your stomach after an hour or so. This was turkey soup. So basically, I had poultry turning sour in my belly, which is why I threw up.

Anyway, they made note of the IV marks I had from my glucose tolerance test that morning. They noted that my potassium levels were very low. They made me take potassium pills, insisted I take them in front of them, but it was OK that I threw them up. The doctor kept trying to get me to say I was on drugs. "This pain could be caused by mushrooms." and "some drugs make your potassium levels go low."

They gave me a shot of fentyl in the rump, which brought tummy pain down some, and they booted me out. They gave me a prescription for phenergan suppositories (Anti Nausea) and an antacid. I asked about the pain, and they got testy and re-affirmed that it wasn't a gall attack, more likely an ulcer or stomach flu.

Aparently, having mentioned that I had taken psychedelics (detailed info on first dr's visit) in the past was indistinguishable to this particular crew from being a dope fiend.

I was pissed off about this, mainly because I was so hurty/uncomfy, but in the end the pain has subsided some and I ended up with flu-like symptoms.

As of right now, my abdominal muscles that tensed during vomit-action are still sore. My gut is still rumbly, bloaty, liquid death, and I'm still a little achey/flu like. I'm hoping to be well by Monday to at least get a day in this week (see wierd schedule).
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