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Without Eiwe, my abstraction is nothing

Without Eiwe, my abstraction is nothing
[12/02 18:13] josh: I will likely not go to WT Tuesday. I'm not feeling right yet, and I promised we'd see the S1m0n,Sn0w_Cr4sh and z0e, and other stuff has filled in other timeslots.
[12/02 18:14] eiwe: righto
[12/02 18:14] eiwe: I'm still sick
[12/02 18:14] josh: *nod* I kinda figured.
[12/02 18:14] eiwe: I just barely made it in to work today
[12/02 18:14] josh: *pokes noggin, belly*
[12/02 18:15] josh: I'm ok for work, but my gut is not.
[12/02 18:15] eiwe: I've been sick for 8 days
[12/02 18:15] eiwe: it sucks
[12/02 18:15] josh: I was ok until around lunch time.
[12/02 18:15] josh: well
[12/02 18:15] josh: we could inject you with vencomycin, and make your bacteria more resistant to last-ditch antibiotics...
[12/02 18:16] eiwe: I think I'll just let my body deal with it :)
[12/02 18:16] josh: No no...
[12/02 18:16] josh: I removed your spleen
[12/02 18:16] josh: and lymph nodes
[12/02 18:16] josh: and bone marrow
[12/02 18:16] eiwe: that's not cool
[12/02 18:16] eiwe: I need those
[12/02 18:16] josh: We're using them
[12/02 18:16] josh: You'll be ok for a while
[12/02 18:16] eiwe: can I have them back at some point then?
[12/02 18:16] josh: Our lab will return them sometime mid-month
[12/02 18:17] josh: January
[12/02 18:17] eiwe: I was considering eating here in a minute but I guess that's out of the question now
[12/02 18:18] josh: Nah... You don't need those for eating.
[12/02 18:18] eiwe: If you're going to be transporting organs from within my body I'd appreciate it if you'd just let me know when you do it so I don't do something that could be potentially damaging to myself.
[12/02 18:18] josh: just make sure you cook the food.
[12/02 18:18] josh: Well, we have a future-view 2000, so we knew you'd be ok.
[12/02 18:18] josh: this "sickness" somehow didn't show up
[12/02 18:18] josh: We think it was implanted by a competitor
[12/02 18:19] eiwe: a competitor? how dare they
[12/02 18:19] eiwe: that's foul play according to section 4a, paragraph 6 in the rule book
[12/02 18:21] josh: Well, no, you have an outdated copy.
[12/02 18:21] josh: Our timeline branched
[12/02 18:21] josh: the rulebook creators were sued for copyright infringement by our competitors
[12/02 18:21] eiwe: great, yet another unscheduled branch
[12/02 18:21] josh: who went back prior and printed the rules as an example of what not to do
[12/02 18:21] josh: yah
[12/02 18:21] josh: I would offer you another branch, but this one needs you
[12/02 18:21] josh: and
[12/02 18:22] josh: the only available one today has no atmosphere
[12/02 18:22] eiwe: I wish I'd be notified of these things, it's the least they could do after what I will/did do for them.
[12/02 18:23] josh: Well, the agent sent to notify you was killed by a paradoxic wave.
[12/02 18:24] eiwe: good. I had planted that there as a first line of defense against further intrusion.
[12/02 18:25] josh: Kinda counter productive though, right? I mean, he was going to meet your receptionist.
[12/02 18:25] josh: oh, yah, she was replaced with a fishtank due to paradoxic cutfronts
[12/02 18:26] eiwe: He wasn't only going to notify me of that but he was also sent to kill me. I only found out about it last week.
[12/02 18:26] josh: Hrm, not what we had on file, but unfortunately, our files are made of jello and the cooler failed.
[12/02 18:27] josh: That's so odd. I knew I'd specified paper
[12/02 18:27] eiwe: you can't ever trust the file-o-trons these days
[12/02 18:27] eiwe: you never know what they'll spit out
[12/02 18:28] eiwe: get this, I went to get my birth cirtificate and all I got was a handful of half-cooked mincemeat and a shoebox filled with wheat and cat's teeth.
[12/02 18:43] josh: Wow, the cat's teeth is a new addition. Last time I went, I just got the wheat GERM, which is nutritious and fibrous and all, but still...
[12/02 18:44] josh: Strange times are these on this spatula we live on.
[12/02 18:45] josh: I remember when they thought the earth was a round, wandering rock. Haha...
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