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Max tickles

[12/06 20:07] razormaid: did I tell you max tickled himself today? cutest thing *ever*
[12/06 20:07] razormaid: put his hand to his neck and wiggled his fingers, and said the "ti-ti-ti-ti" =)

[12/06 20:08] joshdavis: hahaha
[12/06 20:08] joshdavis: silly silly baby
[12/06 20:08] joshdavis: did he wiggle from the tickles?

[12/06 20:08] razormaid: he laughed at himself =)
[12/06 20:09] razormaid: and then went to tickle me-- it was while he was in the shopping cart :)
Tags: funny, kids, max, tickles
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