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Why is it that kisses evoke such an emotional response? I'm pretty sure it's an endorphine release. I know that the face contains a large percentage of the sensory nerves of the body.

When I feel touch, I feel the echoes through me. Like fingertips on my spine; I've always enjoyed that. It's like a warm chill, that makes me moan. It's almost sexual, and definitely sensual, because it's touch.

Why is touch so bad to so many?
It's because it's an overwhelming sensation which is often abused by those who do not respect or understand it's power, or are perhaps overwhelmed by it themselves.

The touch triggers the spidery tendrils. Ions pour through the axons. They pass up through the spinal cord, though the reticular formation where it branches through to the basal ganglia, hypothalamus, and the pons. It is here, that the concept of touch, the emotions of touch, and the echoes of seratonin bliss are felt.

Do all people have such a massive release of seratonin when their backs are touched? Do they curl and become completely engulfed in being touched? Or did the collection of dying blood cells which collected in my brain and spine after birth cause this sort of over-wiring of touch to the hypothalamus?

I don't know, and I'm not sure it would ever be possible to know without irrepairably dissecting my neural structure; however, I can say for certain one thing.

I like it.
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