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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Focus/Magnet Schools
Josh 201604 KWP
zockray said that montessori or focus schools are good - there's an International Academy in Houston that teaches students 4 languages. I'd like to see if we have something similar nearby. I'd like our kids to learn multiple languages in Elementary school, not just High School... and from native speakers.

Now, to save money. :)

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Montessori schools will most likely not teach languages by way of native speakers, you understand though, right?
For at home type stuff, the Muzzy tapes, by the BBS are brilliant, though prohibitively expensive.

what four languages are you looking at?

BBS? (Thinks Bulletin Board System but then combines in BBC)

Not sure, but I think German and Spanish would be great. Anything else would be bonus. Possibly French and Chinese.

Spanish and French for our neighboring countries. German because of it's european signifigance. Chinese for it's tonal sounds/pictoral writing and the mass of speakers.

the language teacher at my montessori school
was native Spanish (as in spain)
but also taught french but they only taught 2 languages at that point, but who knows now... the schools have progressed a lot.
in the 70s my school was in trailers out in addison or something
then had this great school built in the 80s
and has just gotten huge since i left in 1991
so who knows.


understandable, but I doubt very much that they'll have someone from Spain, France, Russia and Japan (for instance) at every single motessori school.

Hell, they don't even have a native English speaker at most American schools :p

well in college we had some native speakers
like my japanese teacher was a native speaker
but he was a HORRIBLE teacher
he taught math at SMU and would
Drive up to our college to teach japanese
alot of people who teach languages in private school can speak very well because they spent time in the country and are really smart.
the classes i took in montessori and greenhill made us speak with real accents, not like


*thbbt* Don't make me laugh... my belly still hurts. :)

You have been very informative.
You get an A+ for your report.

some parents do home schooling montessori
but hte materials are super expensive
but i think there are groups of people
who do group at home classes
or share materials like, hand-me-downs :)
montessori is expensive but its great
its especially for for gentle and sensitive children... private school is sometimes too competative and hard on kids, so serious with pressures that kids shouldnt worry about - study study study... but no fun being a kid :P
mont. combines learning and enjoying the old things in life.... theyve been known as hippy schools.
like in 6-8 grade we went on a 10 day backpacking/canoe trip in the fall and then again in the spring... raised bunnies and chickens, took cooking classes... great fundamentals of respect for nature and culture.
*shutting up now*


I read that as "raised bunnies and chickens FOR cooking class" hehe

oh yea, in montessori school
they have this thing against sugar
no candy or sodas allowed
and some people are vegetarian
i had this old lady as an assistant teacher
in 4th and 5th grade named Mrs. Summie
she was an ex-racecar driver, one of the 1st women.. she was kinda old
she was macrobiotic, but she got cancer and thoughtthat diet could cure her ;P
she died. kind of scientologist i guess
the teachers were very eccentric
its more serious academic with less hippy like teachers now days... theres a alumni Dinner sometime this week I think at St.Alcuin but its more of a fundraiser ;p to see a new building
dont think ill go
*shutting Up again*

Rachel's little sister goes to a Montessori school... I'm sure she could get some information from her parents. But, it's not cheap. (Like, it cost less to send Rachel to college kind of not cheap...)

She goes to a Montesorri Academy.... completely different, but it is god awfully expensive. We should talk sometime, I am a huge advocate of Montesorri. They have done wonders for my little sister.

What's the diff b/t Montessori and Private schools?


you get to class in hte morning and go to your desk
you can usually have a snack or write in a journal
(depending on age)
then everyone meets in groups on a rug in a semi-circle
and you talk and play learning game or sing or whatever
then your teacher picks 1 kid at a time to go choose an activity
to take back to their desk.
all of the learning tools that you do alone are on shelves
if you dont know what to do a teacher 1 on 1 shows you
there are teacher's assistants in each class
Like in kindergarden some of the activities are:
(always on a tray on a shelf, then when you are done you can choose another activity, usually they are done alone)
You can polish silver, theres this zipper/button/snap/tie learning thing, cut carrots, sew a pattern on a cloth, learn fractions, play bells, mmm OH yea theres this bead number system
you learn to count and divide using beads
its size and color coordinated.
to learn division, you get say 20 beads
and then you divide it by say, 4 - so you have 4 vials/beakers
and you plunk 1 bead at a time across the beakers
and count how many times you fill all beakers
then you have leftovers.
then when you learn division you have a checkerboard
its really hard to explain!!
but you should read about it... It was invented in 1800s by Maria Montessorri in Spain, to teach retarded kids, but it was SOo successful in teaching, that it was expanded to all schools...

through 8th grade i had hour of recess every day
we took standardized tests 6-8th grade and i alwys scored way off the charts like itd look something like this:
|below avg| average | above average | woah shit |
so anyway
read about it http://www.montessori.edu/


lol nevermind
that * thing didnt work with livejournal lol
just put those *'s randomly up in hte WOAH SHIT category



you can use the PRE tag to use spaces for formatting... like this
| crap | average | excellent | woah shit |

okaaaythank youuuuu
silly me
I do everything ala macromedia then tweak it from there :P i dont like lj codes
i JUST learned how to post to a forum haaha
but then again usually if i dont know how to do something, its because i'm too lazy to find out how ;P

What's lazy? :)

yah, I use html codes directly when possible.
I don't like the way the code is re-formatted by macromedia/adobe apps. hell... all html editors.

I think they make unreadable code on purpose...
but then, sometimes they flat out break the code... not even compliant.

Montesorri is actually a method of teaching. It is somewhat self paced, you have different grades in the same class they are learning the same things but at different levels. They learn how to self learn at an early age. My little sister is 12 and I was helping her with her geometry homework... it is pretty impressive. They also teach things that will help them live in the real world. They teach cooking, how to do laundry, balance checkbooks... that kind of stuff. They have ultra small classes as well.

My little sister was going to one that had 15 kids in the whole school K-8. I think that she lost out on some of the social aspects that come along with school, but she was one smart little kid. I actually am the one that pushed my parents into eventually sending her to a larger school so she could interact socially with other kids. Montessori is also closely related with atheism, most of the teachers are atheists. They do not teach or push any kind of religion in the class at all, nor atheism for that matter. At one point they had a winter solstice feast at one of her schools, I thought that was just cool as hell. They wanted to celebrate christmas, kwanza, hanukkah, and winter solstice all at once and explain each of them.

Private academies tend to be just public school with more restrictions, they use the same teaching methods which I am not so fond of.

Because I'd like the kids to learn ABOUT religions, but I want them to take the time to figure out what makes sense for them, and hands-on learning is way mo bettah.

Depending on cost though. We might do home-school groups. Mebbe montessori style resources are available online to help too. :)

Yah. Mebbe I'll just house some foreigners in exchange for teaching language to kids. :)

i was raised on montessori
theres a young kids montessori school on abrams called
"montessori childrens house"

i was in preschool and kindergarden in mont. in chicago
my mom was my preschool teacher there.
i did one year of kindergarden here
but then i went to public school 1st and 2nd grade and got beat up
so 3rd through 8th i went to St. Alcuin Montessori
it was a great school, but after 5th grade i fell behind
kids who would be going to something like St.Marks, ESD, Greenhill, Hockaday, etc...
so when i went to Greenhill in 9th grade for high school
it was quite an adjustment,
if you want to know more about montessori just email me
its great and has shortcomings too... depends on the school.
It is a neat neat system, and totally coed - no uniforms- extra extra small classes, no religion, teaches evolution from 1st grade
usually 1st 2nd 3rd is all togther in one class but then split into 2 or 3 classes with 1/2/3 in them...
then 4th and 5th is together usually
and then 6/7/8 together. there are montessori high schools
but i dont know of any aroudn ehre
IT IS GREAT FOR TODDLERS TO 3rd grade though definitely
they teach great tactile skills, math art music language
that is more advanced than any other program out there for that age


I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Partially because of your posts and partially because the process of child development/psychology always interested me. I'm a big fan of parent teaching. You're a pretty intelligent person, so the maths and computer sciences shouldn't be a problem for you to teach Max. As he matures, it would be very easy and cheap to expose him to a wide variety of educational material. The earlier you hardwire the learning process the better. The only problem with educating (not teaching) before entering school is the sharp change in teaching styles. I didn't do as well as I could have in school because my early educating was very different from my later teaching. I'm not suggesting homeschooling, because it leaves a lot to be desired. Public school isn't as bad as they say, but it should definately be supplemented at home. The pace is dreadful since the school moves at a pace to accomadate the majority. If a person knows something and wants to build on that, then there's no reason why they shouldn't. As you keep him interested in learning, he'll do better in school. As he does better in school, he will find new things to be interested in. Lather, rinse, repeat

Teach him as many languages as you can.

You cant learn the material if you can't decipher the code.

Try not to forget the liberal arts. There are a lot of things in American literature that they don't teach anywhere.

*nod* I never got interested in literature and I feel our schools didn't cover enough Literatur OR language mechanics. Hell, all of it was iffy. We didn't learn the quadratic equasion until the LAST WEEK of Algebra I. We didn't learn diagramming of sentences except as a "here's something neat". Same with manually doing square roots.

I want to have hardcopy encyclopaedia handy too because I would often sit in the hallway late at night and just read... With how curious Max is, I bet he'll do the same.

I definitely want him to have social interaction, so definitely a home-school group at the minimum. More than one educator is definitely important. Montessori/Private schooling seems pretty expensive and while public school doesn't suck, I want something more rich for his earlier years, especially multiple languages.

Maybe I should start The Davis Rosebery School. :)

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