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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
"There needs to be a better word for wierd."


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How do you expect me to do anything pronto in this trainwreck, what do you eat, cement?

Kingy's trying to eat the Chort!!


They got in the boat - fish, fish!

Speaking of homestore, I put my bumper stickers up in my cube at work. I think I'm going to get some of those stickers for my car windows - do you want one? I'll be ordering in the next couple of days.

Hehe... DUnno, you can't give me homestar stickers! :)

I almost got pompom and homestar shirts for everyone, but I thought better of the expense at homebuying time. :)

yeah and those are expensive! As much as I love Strong Bad, I can't justify a hoodie at this time. :)

I read that as a hoodle and wondered wtf you were talking about. :)

Praise me.

All hail J. All hail J.

You're a "hoot"le. Big dink.

*I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy*

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