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Momma was very upset. I don't think she planned on being that upset, but in the last few years my dad had mellowed alot and they had become friends. Aside from that, they had alot of common history, including me and Jen, and including Diabetes II. Mom made a committment in December to regain strength and endurance and lose some of her weight. She's going to be doing physical therapy with my sister every week, so I'm very happy about that.

I want to try and walk in the mornings with Erica and Max.

I think we're looking at N. Dallas Funeral Home at 635 and valley view. I'm not sure if we'll have a body or an urn buried. I kinda think cremation is the best thing since he died of infectious diseases, and since he was very swolen, he didn't/doesn't look like Dan Davis.

He's going to be buried at the US national cemetary in South Dallas with military honors. He had been planning for that and wanted it that way for lack of burden and for just something that could be planned.

Jenn and Jon are taking care of details, as is tradition, and I'm very thankful for that.

Unfortunately, Jenn has double strain because the guy in the beater car who went out of turn and gunned it and got his $500 car hit has decided that because my sister has a nice vehicle, she must have money, so is suing her and state farm.

I'm kinda sad because one of the factors to our house choice was ability for my dad to get in from a wheelchair. I know it's a trek, but I hope my mom will come over some.
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