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It sucks for us, but he had been really depressed over the last 2-3 years because of how poor his health has been, expecially over the last year when he's been mostly in institutional health care. It really was his time to go, and I'm glad he doesn't have to suffer mentally, emotionally or physically anymore. I just wish I'd known this was going to be it and I would have talked more with him prior to him going under.

There was a point prior to him going in for surgery where I thought, "you know, if I weren't sick, I could give him some of my blood" because we're the same type and since I've been around him, I'd have antibodies against the bugs which get him the most.

I'm glad I got to know him. I learned so much from him, both his intelligence and examples, good and bad. I'm greedy and I just want him around for me, but I know that in reality he didn't survive the surgery -- only his body did, and only because the medical staff did so much. Their work was more for us than for him.

I just randomly envisioned using the celeron to make a Dan Davis simulator. I'd need his coughs, which I think I might have, plus some talking to break up into phoenetics... A vocabulary, a neural network for responsiveness. I wouldn't be able to really make him of course, but it would be neat to hear him once in a while. :) It seems silly, but it was a neat tangent. :)

Even with thinking on it alot, some of the exact details are fading. It makes me kinda sad. I wish I'd taken photos, even though he was out and all wired up.

He was in the Navy on the USS Oriskany during 1962-1965 as intelligence. I believe this was during the VietNam Conflict, but outside of "the war".

He had too many stories about too many things to have a favorite. :)

Max was his focus ever since he was born. My dad's reason for getting married was for kids and grandkids.
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