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crosspost from n3m3sis's journal reply

House is... stable.. not 100% unpacked, but in that livable-need-to-get-used-to-it phase.

It was wierd - I just got the check from my dad's life insurance today. On the one hand, it's nice to have the money, but on the other, it's like... "is that all he amounts to now?"

I think back about the times I could have spent a few hours with him, or when I'd keep putting things off.

Trying to remember to spend more time with my mom.

Max is doing amazingly well. He's teething, and frustrated by it. He can count to 10, and is very helpful most of the time.

Erica's bloaty and ready to not be in pain. 3 more months to go.

I keep wanting to buy lots of cheap computer parts and build systems out of them. *sigh* I'm MOSTLY resisting.

I feel fat and crave sweets.

I think that's mostly it. I guess I'm doing "medium". :)
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