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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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crosspost from n3m3sis's journal reply
Josh 201604 KWP
House is... stable.. not 100% unpacked, but in that livable-need-to-get-used-to-it phase.

It was wierd - I just got the check from my dad's life insurance today. On the one hand, it's nice to have the money, but on the other, it's like... "is that all he amounts to now?"

I think back about the times I could have spent a few hours with him, or when I'd keep putting things off.

Trying to remember to spend more time with my mom.

Max is doing amazingly well. He's teething, and frustrated by it. He can count to 10, and is very helpful most of the time.

Erica's bloaty and ready to not be in pain. 3 more months to go.

I keep wanting to buy lots of cheap computer parts and build systems out of them. *sigh* I'm MOSTLY resisting.

I feel fat and crave sweets.

I think that's mostly it. I guess I'm doing "medium". :)

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Man... I'm so excited for Erica. 3 months already!
BTW I found this picture of you from a year or two ago. you lost soooooo much weight! Actually I'm going to scan it right now...
Here you go... http://www.annesta.com/albums/PersonalAlbum/acx.jpg

And if you crave sweets, maybe try not eating them? Also there is stuff you can take (herbal supplements) that help you stop craving. If you must have sweets, try the fat free jello pudding snacks (http://www.kraftfoods.com/jello/jlo_family_snacks.html#pudding) or myoplex(http://www.eas.com/products/product_select.asp?productName=71) shakes or protocookies (http://www.protocookie.com).

Welp, I made a cake out of whole grains and spelt flour last night, with coconut, pineapple, and some raw sugar. It's quite good, and VERY filling.

I still feel fat.

That picture has my arm up, so I look much bigger than I was; however, I was still bigger then than now.

Still, I'd like to lose about 30 pounds of fat.

My legs are still super-muscley. :)

he lives! :D

my warm regards to your, yours, and the little one.


Damn, I relized we didn't call you when anne and eiwe came over for Cranium and fuud.

dag nabbit. how be you?

still at work.
life is unsettled
but doing mostly ok.
I'm hunagree.
no 4wd here and I'm driving a stick.

2/3rd gear are your friend! I rarely even hit 4th today...

I hit 4th today. Nice drive, but still too many poor drivers on the road.

i concur...is the others we have to worry about.

||can count to 10||

oh wow how old is he now?

i feel fat and crave sweets too
esp since its stay athome nest icey night


hrm, he's 19.5 months old. :)

He's SOO amazing. :)
Not too terribly frustrating either, which is amazing in and of itself. :)

WOW my neice will be 3 in may
and she cant count to 10 on her own yet
but 1...2...3...4.......6!!! hee
but she talks up a storm, very micheivous
121 i heard isnt so bad
just 30 and 35 the WORST
I took local roads as usual and no problem
its really coming down now though since 6:30!

*nod* Unfortunately, I have to hit I-35.
I might have to hit Wendy's. :)

as long as it isnt
into their red brick!

That's the only way to get in after 2am! :)

Figured I'd just reply here. Glad to hear Max is doing well.

I hope you get to feeling moregood" and less "medium" soon, but sometimes "medium" is okay too.

I feel fat too, but at least I'm not craving sweets at the moment. My trainer friend says getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, other fish, some nuts, some vegetable oils, I think) should help curb cravings.

Hrm... I did well the day I remembered to take my vitamin E (fish oil). I should remember to take that more often. :)

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