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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Mail Delivery
Josh 201604 KWP

So I live in Lake Dallas, 6500 people total.
We don't have regular mail boxes, rather they're like what are ar apartments. Every block has one communal mail center.

Well, the mail sorter/delivery person needs training.
We get other peoples mail.
No problem, I drop it into the re-delivery box.
But I'm not getting some of my mail.
Specifically, mortgage statements, wireless statements, a package of chain-mail supplies from Canada, etc.

It's not a matter of slow delivery, because I didn't get a statement from Jan 13 to this address.

I wonder if my neighbors got it and threw it away.
I wonder if they kept it.
I wonder if I should check my credit report for new account openings.

Does anyone else in the 940-497/321 Hicory Creek/Corinth/Shady Shores/Lake Dallas area have this sort of problem?

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That sucks. You can call the local post office and complain to see if it gets any better, we had that problem at my parent's for a little while. When we called they said it was because our route didn't have a regular mailman, it was constantly being filled by temps. It got better after we called, and eventually we got a regular mailman. But you may be better off getting a post office box at center close by in the mean time.

Hrm, yah, I'm lazy, so I filled out the web form, which I believe gets passed down to the actual post office. We'll see if it gets better, but if not, I may just spontaneously combust. SOO frustrating. I mean, other people's mail inside of our junkmail/circulars, etc. It's just hasty work. Maybe we have newbies... :)

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