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Ok... so there are these trademarks:

These trademarks do not grant them exclusive rights or use to the word or words "e fix" "e-fix" or "efix" except as specifically displayed by the above logos.

The trademarks are granted on those specific stylized views and are both held by Haas & Alber Haustechnik und Apparatebau GmbH LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY FED REP GERMANY Schmiechastrasse 50 D-72458 Albstadt FED REP GERMANY for the goods and services (G&S) of Wheelchairs, first used in 1992, filed in 1995, and registered in 1997.

Further, the term "efix" in all of it's permutations have been in use by the computer community for tens of years, so prior art would win prescedence.

Further, it has been in use since registration without opposition. If a trademark holder does not combat the disollution of their mark, they legally lose rights to it.

So why is it that the legal dept of my company is changing all of it's docs to not show "efix" anymore, rather, "Interim Fix"?

I guess its time for me to try and trademark these words:
etc ad nauseum

all in pretty graphics, then I should go tell everyone to stop using the words.
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