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I keep seeing people throw a fit when someone suggests that it should be called GNU/Linux and not Linux. People say, "You can have a Linux system without GNU."

If someone asks you what you drive, you don't say, "A 1999 Gasoline V8".
If you do, you're a moron, or you're being silly.

Linux is the engine, or maybe even the whole drivetrain.
The filesystems are the wheels - whether you go for the old rusty solid cast rims (minix) or chrome wheels with wide tires (ext3), or custom annodized rims (Reiser, XFS, etc).
GNU is the chassis, instrumentation, pedals, and rearview mirror - all part of a cheap mod kit that simulates a UNIX brand car.
Xwindows is the paint, decals. OpenGL, PEX, PHEGS, etc are the spoiler, ground effects, and custom exhaust.

I have yet to see a system that does not rely on GNU tools for the binaries, for booting, for shell access, etc. It's possible, but NO distro with even 1% market provides that.

So with all of that in mind, I don't REALLY care if people say GNU/Linux or just Linux because it is assumed that your Linux system uses GNU utilities.

Yes, If I had thrown the whole pack of GNU goodness on a Solaris box, I would refer to it as Solaris with GNU (same as GNL/Solaris, but better semantics to me) if I used primarily the GNU tools, which I would, because Solaris tar doesn't support -z.

Plus, there is NO such thing as "Linux v7.2", 7.3 or 8. Linux is currently at versions 2.4 and 2.5.

Oh, you mean RedHat Linux 8. Why didn't you say so? "What do you drive?" "A car". "What kind of car?" "a 2002." This would get you beaten up. Don't do it.

Examples of proper system identification would be:
RedHat Linux 8.0 on x86
RedHat Linux 7.3 on i386
Debian Woody on a Pentium II 400
Slackware 7 on Alpha
ELKS on a MIPS 4700 SBC
CygWin current on Windows 2000
GNU/Linux complied from scratch, with RPM 1.4 and Alien.

Examples of bad system identification would be:
Linux v6.5
Risk System
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