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Josh-D. S. Davis

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WTF: Photos of breastfeeding deemed child porn
Josh 201604 KWP
A Richardson couple had 4 rolls developed at Eckerds. One roll had a picture of a woman breastfeeding her yougest son and another photo of her older (4 yrs) son scratching himself. Richardson, TX police decided this was child pornography. CPS stole their children and months have passed - they still don't have their kids back.

Just so you know, CPS gets additional dollars for having a kid in a foster home.


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I am speechless.

What is this world coming to that pics of a nursing child are deemed pronography?

Our country is so oversexualized I cant even stand it. Not only is the general public uncomfortable with nursing because of the oversexualization of breasts, but to actually want to memorialize that precious time with a picture could get your kids taken away.

I am so disgusted.

and just to comment on my own comment:

the fact that people are percieving the nursing pic to be "sick" and pornagraphic says more about thier depraved state of mind than anything else. I contend that it is not the parents that need to be investigated, but the people who think that a picture of a nursing is pornographic. they are the ones with thier minds in the freaking gutter!

Ignorant, dirty minded, oversexualised people PISS ME OFF!

Breasts were created for the purpose of feeding children. NOT for the enjoyment of men. Not for decoration. They were created with PURPOSE. and that purpose is to nourish offpring. why is it that its ok for Victoria secret to run ads of barely clad women in sexual situations, but not ok to have a pic of a nursing child? WTF?


(sorry for the rant, but you hit a nerve)

Exactly. Check my reply to one of the replies above in the comments... The photo tech probably felt "funny" about it, while he was standing there, watching each photo come out of the machine, and decided it was dirty. The cop is probably over-sensitized from working with child endangerment cases regularly.

So the tech is an idiot. You can't fault him too much for that. As a mandated reporter myself, I know you walk a fine line of eggshells on what should/shouldn't be reported. Your ass could be totally punishable if anything came of NOT reporting something.

The cop and every professional after the tech should be ashamed, imo. As for being over-sensitized, not to say it doesn't happen, but my experience working hand in hand with law enforcement, crisis management, and CPS is that we often (well, almost always) get de-sensitized. Unless the cop, and again, everyone from him on, have some sort of personal interest in getting every possible child offender out there, that system is just a plain disgrace . And it's impossible for me to comprehend how insensitive they are.

It's disgusting.

Well, I can fault the tech for being an idiot. I mean, I get faulted when I am an idiot at work. Now, in the end, the kids being removed is not his fault. He should err on the side of caution, and that's ok. The judgement by the cop is where it sits.

Realistically, since I haven't seen the photos, I can't say for sure. The cop aparently said, "If you saw the photos, you'd see what I mean." I think the problem was having mixed sessions on the same roll gave it a funky context. Still. Lose your kids over a fuzzy judement call.... Not good.

As for desensitizing... it's human nature I guess. keeps you from going nuts... keep a teddy bear and a fresh pack of undies in the trunk and try to be sensitive and what else can you do?

True about the tech for being an idoiot...I just meant the guy didn't take away the kids so I don't hold that against him. I agree about the context of the roll and that we do not know what exactly the pictures look like. But the focus appeares to be on the nursing picture which is what gets me. Again, we don't know. Maybe she has the most orgasmic face on. *shrug* Maybe the article was slanted completely toward the parents and if another journalist had done it we'd never want them to touch their kids again.

For me what it comes down to is that there are inappropriate moves by law enforcement and CPS in this country that seem to be based more on personal opinion and politics than policy. This to me, from the feeling I got from the article, is where this inicident falls. And it's unfortunate and disturbing.

Desensitizing. Hmm. Could also be that some ppl get SO worked up after watching offender after offender walk that they want to put every sinlge possible threat behind bars---just in case. Y'know? Again, there appears to be a missing link here. Either in the system or the portrayal of this case in the media. Hell, why not both.

I mean, hell, in other countries, they have nudity on prime time, and no one thinks anything of it. You'd see nude people on tv, at dinner, with family, and no one would get wierded out about it.

By prohibiting, they create the problem, but that's a common issue for many of our laws and systems right now.

Hey go read my latest journal entry.

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