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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Lost Storage, If found, please write
Josh 201604 KWP
I lost my storage drive because I was stupid and used Linux LVM.

So, here's the sorts of stuff I lost and am looking for.

Recent movies
CoolEdit, Fruity Loops
Games, old and new
Putty, Teleport Pro, FileZilla, Net Apps
CD/DVD rip/decode/burn tools
Audio/Video Codecs
games, boot disks, utils, abandonware
O/S, file managers, window managers, apps
Win XP and cracks and serial changer
service packs
application suites
Bleem updates

Probably other stuff that I can't recall.

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i got zim! *Thumbsup*
ooog thats alot of stuffs
i want xpee...

i got no humor

I have XP, but I lost the patches for it. If you gimme Zim, I'll give you XP. The serial changer can be found on astalavista.box.sk which will allow you to put on service pack 1. Or I guess I could track that down too. :)

*smacks forehead*
ive had no luck screwing with stuff from astalavista... ill end up messing it all up haha
we'll see...
ill burn a cd for you next week and pop it in the mail ;) I need to mail some other stuff next week...
yeaaaaaa. I have 2000, but i borrowed a disk from an office and it was kind of defective :P grr
nothing on my computer but my burning software is mine... i have easy cd creator 5 consumer dumb version if you need it SOMEwhere...
i bet you could find a bette more updated version though ;)


The app is a quick download, but I have several (I think about 8) gigs of ROMS, not to mention ROMS for other systems.

I also have a few hundred gigs of various well-archived TV shows.

Let me know if any of this would fill a void in your life.

Roms = good.
What tv shows?

Would you prefer I bring over le-porta-drive, or should I set up an ftp account on ns1?

well, given my capped upstream, option 1 is probably best.

Schnazzy. I have it on my list to call you and sched a time to trek down. What's your schedule?

very busy this week. This weekend I'll just be packing, so I'll be home. Beginning of next week busy, then the rest of the week not busy, but living in a house in Richardson.

Then maybe I'll harrass you about it once you get moved. There's never enough time when you're trying to move, and I find I'm always trying to wind down and such being paw paw

You need a decent sized, network accessible storage device. You could probably get most of that off the network here.

*nod* Well, I do have spare boxen and two 120g drives, with samba... I also have a laptop running XP. :)

Is it on milliways? I could always eat up 500kbit for a few days.


I also have all of the zim episodes in videos. The mp3 list is the top level and all have multiple dirs for the diffrent cds its around 22+ gigs of mp3s.

Let me know if you want anything.

(Deleted comment)
Email me at natas@sin5.com and I will setup an shell/sftp account as well as a streaming account.

As for the deal .. well I'll be moving back next month how about this... if you hear of a job opening for a windows/linux/Smurf Overlord (Cobalt Raq Admin)/hosting admin/support/helpdesk/whipping boy etc pass me a heads up or something.

Hrmmm... It clocks to nowhere for both links. :/ Even top level.

I'm itching for Zim back, and then MP3's of techno/psytrance/drippy sorts of stuff.

I can happily provide media replacement or we can coordinate some multi-day ftp fest. :)

Hrm... well I just moved to a new kernel that hopefully fixes the ext3 and a few other problems that I have been having since a new mb and proc.

How in the world did you mess up LVM?

It's rock solid. Been using it for years. Never had a problem :)

Upgraded the kernel and it all went to shit from there. Well, actually it was fine for the first 2 reboots, then it went offline, then it went away. Recovery procedures found online didn't help. Couldn't get on sistina's ftp site to try and get 1.0.7 kernel mod, got frustrated, ran e2salvage, which had hope, but didn't help, and seems to have lost all hope of superblock.

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