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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
Alcohol is dangerous.
Alcohol was once illegal to own, use, distribute or produce.
In that era, it was "dangerous" and "killed many".
Even today, people die from alcohol overdose, or operating heavy machinery or vehicles while drunk.

Alcohol dulls the senses, causes brain damage, causes people to become violent, and even kills people.

Did you know that alcohol withdrawal is one of the most dangerous and harmful withdrawals of all abused substances known to man?

Prohibition protects the few who are irresponsible. It removes the liability of having to provide safety information on how not to get hurt. If only criminals drink, then it's ok if they die because criminals deserve what they get.

I think the current moral climate warrants making alcohol a Schedule 1 substance. It obviously has no practical medical purpose and has a great potential for abuse.

I have a friend.
This friend drinks almost every single night.
This friend goes to work in the morning, and is a star performer.
This friend is brilliant and keeps their coworkers trained on difficult tasks.
This friend remembers many details.

Many people DO know their limits. Many of these people would be removed from productive society were alcohol illegal. They would be in jail.

Imagine if you had to pay $150 for a six-pack of beer because it was outlawed?
Imagine if you found out that your favorite beer was made in a dirty copper can in someone's back yard.

Imagine if you could die from the impurities in your beer, but there was nowhere else to get it.

Prohibition villifies many otherwise law-abiding citizens in order to try and protect the few who are irresponsible.

Too many people are put in jail for responsible use, and too many people die because they are not allowed to have the information to be properly informed about what they decide to test and put into their bodies. Too many innocent people are jailed or legally hassled because someone else decided to use drugs in public.

The longer you wait, the more rights you lose. Already posession of any or all of glow sticks, vicks-vapo-rub, dust masks, or candy jewelery is considered posession of drug paraphernalia and constitutes grounds for being detained or arrested.

Go to www.congress.gov. Write to your representatives. Demand to know their stance on prohibition and on education. If your congress person it not willing to put forth legislation to provide safety eduction in place of anti-drug propaganda, then tell them you will vote them out of office, and FOLLOW THROUGH with that promise.

Pass this on to anyone who might possibly share this viewpoint.

Don't be afraid of being labelled.

Voting is the only power we have left.

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My mom died at 53 because of alcohol. She was hospitalized twice due to withdrawls that threw her electrolite balance out of whack and almost died twice (sad too - because it's like you're punished for trying to quit - you stop drinking and you feel worse!). Then she quit, went to AA and was a new person - our old mom we remembered - for a whole whopping year until she had a heart attack and died from all the years she had abused her organs.

And people wonder why I don't like to drink...

Yah, I was sort of making a statement. If alcohol is legal, then alot of other things should be legal. Lots of things are dangerous. People die from caffeine overdose.

Most people are OK and able to handle things, because people who can't control themselves are less likely to procreate (natural selection).

The real reason things are outlawed started in the 60s is because people were using drugs AND contradicting the government. The concept of scheduling drugs was introduced, etc. Just made things worse.

But in the end, regardless of why, etc, I'm of the mindset that a person should be allowed to do to their own self anything they want. There are certain responsibilities (cleanup of suicides, suffering of family, etc) that should be provided for in the unknown, but making drugs illegal didn't work for ethanol, so it won't work for anything else that the middle class wants to use. It just makes it more dangerous to do so.

I still go to clubs with blinky toys. If anyone has an issue with it, they can come talk to me.

Life is dangerous--it is capable of "dull[ing] the senses, caus[ing] brain damage, caus[ing] people to become violent" and in the end, "even kills people."

I'm with you. I don't need someone taking away my freedom of choice so they can protect me. I don't need their protection.

Plus, if I can't handle it, it's natural selection... :)

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