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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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The hardest thing about work lately
Josh 201604 KWP
Lately, the hardest thing about work is right when I head for the door at home... "Da DAHHHHHHHH MAMA DAADAAAAAA PLAYYYYYYY!"

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I would find such a plea very hard to resist.

Last night A and I were bickering about her homework, but I proceeded with bedtime rituals just like always, even while she was crying and screaming at me. I think she took comfort in knowing I was still the same mom, even though we disagreed and even though I had been mad. She hugged me (rare) as I sat on her bed reading to her (after picking the book out myself since she was too upset to do so on her own) and she crawled into my lap for me to hold her like a baby, something she doesn't let me do very often anymore, being the biggest baby this side of 8 years old. :)

8 years old. And in another lifetime's blink-of-an-eye, she'll be 16. I wonder if she might let me hold her like that right before her Junior Prom.

Only if you help her pick out her dress because she's too nervous. :)

max time is greater than all!

He likes to show off for people too. You should come over and make faces at him and we can watch movies and eat food.

funn times...had i a car, i would, good sir.

Car? What happened to your car?

it's in the shop, getting shit i broke, replaced...=/

So do you need a more durable car, or are you just TOO abusive? :)

my first accident ever, user error, entirely, wasn't even drunk, did $500 worth of damage...needless to say, when i drive, i DRIVE! ;)

durable...ehh...maybe, dare i say, faster? ;D

Your next car will be 75% rubber? :)

nice...life is a game of bumper cars anyway! :D

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