Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Solid state AI

Everyone wants to use LISP, or CPP, or otherwise emulate AI in software. This is akin to emulating a pentium III on a z80 and hoping to get something that works OK.

I need some circuit test software so I can prototype solid-state neurons. It needs to have a way to burn eeproms, and I guess I'd need an eeprom burner, preferrable a quad package and not a DIP. Something quick, and then I guess I need to tie into the pins... it would need sensory input, lest it be lame, stupid, and tired... It would need a variety of signals which interfere with eachother, and a variety of "lobes" which all run slightly differently, then connections between the lobes...

I want to make something smart, compact, etc...

I guess I'd need to take a few classes in order to get my hands on the equipment and get some experience to get started with. I'm just not very motivated.

Software just doesn't seem like the right way.
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