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Well, the siding guys MAY be put off by the rain. We'll see. They're running a short crew, so they will not be done until thurs (or friday if rain delay from tonight.

Bathroom is not done.

I mounted the soap dish. What a pain. I forgot about it until the end, so I had to remove a tile. Let me tell you, WatAPain (Temple of pain?). I ended up drilling tons of holes in the tile and then chipping the pieces out. Anyway, it appears to be successfull. Climb the ladder to suck Sess.

I need to hurry up and grout the floor so I can stop bothering with sweeping up the dust and crap that falls on the floor.

Anyway, I will definitely need grout sealer. The thinset left bubbles, though I should have just used the damned grout I bought. I keep forgetting I didn't get the all-in-one grout/adhesive.

I need to go ahead and patch the drywall hole where the sink will go and texture all that crap. I should do that AFTER grouting the floor so I don't have to scrape texture out of the grooves.

I need to vacuum up the crud, but it's too late. I need to cut tiles to fit around the handles, but it's too late for the noise. I can't mount the light until I'm sure the mirror will leave enough room and I don't have to move the jbox. I can't mount the mirror until I mount the pedestal sink. I can't do that until I patch the wall. I also need to replace the shutofs and see if the ptrap will connect to the fa-huge drain pipe.

I have trim to paint and walls to paint in the end.

So much crap, but here's what's done:
I have all of the floor tile laid
I have the 2 rotten wall joists replaced
I have all of the rotten/water-damaged sheetrock replaced
I have the concrete backer board installed
I have 2/3 of the wall tile laid
I have SOME grouting done.
I have the soap dish mounted.
I have MOST of my supplies purchased

Things left, in sequence:
Vacuum floor
Grout floor
Seal grout
Patch wall behind sink
texture wall
Paint wall
Finish lower tub tiles.
Paint and install baseboard and crown moulding.
Replace sink shut-offs
See if p-trap will mount to the HUGE drain pipe
Install pedestal sink (bolt through wall)
Finish tiling tub area
grout tub tile
Mount tub faucet hardware
caulk anything that needs caulking
Mount mirror
Mount vanity light

Stuff for later:
Install new porch light after siding finished
Put house numbers up
Wait for second front door to come in (12 days)
Wait for windows/doors to be installed (2-3 weeks)
Tile and grout main entryway with leftover floor tiles
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