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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Declassified humor
Josh 201604 KWP
So I declassified/pruned identifying information, and picked the best of the stupid things found in problem records for backup software

error on the server and restarted it and can't get it up.

I suggested that he try to audit the dick volumes...

Problem Description: not working...

tape unit is offline, needs to know how this will impact back ups?

restall is too slow

backing up over 16 millions why is not completing within the allotted time?

rec'n fornication errors, need immediate assistance

storage media inexcusable.

Cc has no clue what the job is. Cc thinks it's a pring jo.

Engineer is at customer sight. Engineer is in a critical condition. If product does not support Solaris the customer will decide to do away with (brand) machinery.

Are there any intense were admin does not need root asses to support the (application) server and it's client?

process was still running but no further queering to the server.

he has probloem installing the problem.

error message fetal error unable to load

check in live ball command?

(application) IS NOT SEE ITSELF

CC would like to know if there is a release of clients that do not fail when backups are ran.

(application server name) went down on the server

how to include all local jive for the object for NT?

process in the indecent loop per contact

file not found error msg when backing up a particular file, causing the file to blow?

Have a system that has been contaminated with classified files need a command to show all the tapes that have been contaminated per contact.


have a few question regarding bare mental restore

Has a customer that uses a different type of tape drive that they don't have.

Need to known what descent3 means and what kind of data type is it per contact.

I have been sneezing every 10 seconds for 2 minutes

I am dizzy.

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(Deleted comment)
Or "Audit dick volumes"


Hey, what if erica and I bought retirement land in Colorado, near Alamosa?

My favorites:

no further queering to the server

error message fetal error unable to load

(application server name) went down on the server

And isn't descent3 a game? hehehe... those are hilarious

Yah, decent 3 = 0g space flight mining cavern combat type thing.

And yah, unable to load a fetus... Is that like low sperm count?

I would imagine it is :-)

Of course, every time I go to the bar I see servers I'd like to go down on... ;-)

Tee hee. The client opens a port on the server and interfaces successfully?

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