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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Male Contraceptive
Josh 201604 KWP
Male Contraceptive - injection of coating to part of vas deferens - lasts 10+ years and is reversible by injection of counter-agent.

"From the consumers' point of view, RISUG could be a godsend during the approximately 30 years the average person spends trying not to cause a pregnancy. It would mean fewer women getting cancer from the Pill or having their uteruses perforated by an errant IUD. It would mean fewer men having to choose between the risk of a burst condom or the permanence of a vasectomy.
In the developing world, RISUG's price tag could be brought down to about $22, the price at which Guha and Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (the largest Indian drug company) are planning to market it in India.


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wow, nice article, thanks for the link! =]

Pack yer bags, baby... we're heading off to India. *grin*

that's awesome! finally! men being able to take more control over the birthcontrol situation.

I think its a great thing. :)

Me too... because we'de been considering vasectomy, but this promises to be less invasive and generally reversible.

I read Canada could be next. *crosses fingers* The Canadian doctor performed a sucessful procedure (in India, though) and is proposing the idea to the boards in Canada.

Pray pray pray.... :)

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