Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Strange dream

I had a strange dream this morning.

I was returning to some sort of military acadamy, and I'd been gone for 6 weeks. Everyone else had advanced way past me, and I couldn't remember all of the procedures. There were several ranks of people who had joined since I left, and I felt very out of place.

The barracks leader or commander or whatever was being patient but didn't want me there and was irritated. Matt was there, and I told him that maybe I should start over in a new class, and he said that several others in our class had said the same thing about me to him.

The building was just a couple of major hallways, and then off of each one were smaller hallways that were the different barracks. Each one was basically a row of bunks and lockers, and at the far end was an entry into what looked like a traditional locker room.

I was looking around and when I went to the end and looked down, I saw MegMeg, wrapping herself in a towel after having left the shower. The towel didn't completely wrap around, so her side was showing. She got very scared and embarrassed and started crying because she was afraid of being seen naked.

After that, Melissa Harvey, a friend from gradeschool aged in my mind, asked me some questions and then I woke up to Max playing in the hallway and Khai squealing at me.

The odd thing was that this was a continuation dream. The first half happened some other time, or at least, it built the aged memories of such, so I remember going through the first part of the training.

It had feelings like a combination of elementary school and of "Battle School" (Ender's Game) combined.
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